By youwouldbeacat - 28/04/2009 02:38 - United States

Today, I was making a nacho and grabbed some refried beans that were in a plastic container out of the fridge and put them on top of the chips. After I’m completely done eating my mom looks in the fridge and asked me if I knew where the cat food was. I just ate a small can of cat food. FML
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1. Some cat food is really good. 2. Some beans are really bad. /I believe


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you fail at life how the **** you not able to tell that it isn't beans you're eating you're just a fat ass

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hey at least you didn't eat a bowl of hummus thinking it was refried beans

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haha, at least it was just cat food. as soon as you described the "beans", my mind screamed "NO! DON'T EAT IT!!! THEY'RE BUGS !!!!"

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hummus is ******* delicious. best dip ever.

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lolololol. Surely you would have tasted something funny though...

I call bullshit. How do you not know that you just ate a can of cat food?

1. Some cat food is really good. 2. Some beans are really bad. /I believe

at first you said "plastic container" and then you said "can" of cat food...I call bull shit...LIAR

Why is your cats food in the fridge? Thats a super fail. YDI.

It's normal to put catfood in the fridge. It keeps its freshness and smell less.

11 your ******* stupid for thinking putting cat food in the fridge is a fail.