By Anonymous - 22/01/2010 22:08 - Canada

Today, I was lying on the couch after having surgery on my stomach. My best friend and my mom thought that laughter would be the best medicine. Due to their medicine, I ripped out half my stitches. FML
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talk about busting a gut with laughter :)

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Sounds like they bought their doctorates online. Sue the bastards for malpractice! Oh, and for plagiarising Bill Hicks material...

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dude what the hell are you talking about. it wouldn't be that hard to tear stitches if you were laughing.

flashback.miss 28


mshafty 0

talk about busting a gut with laughter :)

Dammit! beat me to the busting a gut pun -_-

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Sorry to hear that laughing was so detrimental because being positive, happy, and laughing is a great helper to recovery. I just got home from having spine surgery coupled with a 20 day hospital stay and laughing HURTS; even the slightest chuckle hurts so much. Do your best to hang in there and stay positive; I feel your pain.

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spine surgery sucks :( I was on morphine so the pain wasn't that bad though :D

Sneezing & coughing hurts as well

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hmmm...........................……….…… ok I got it

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awww.. That sucks hope you feel better :(

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I have no clue where

How in the HELL is this a YDI situation? 42 of you are idiots 0.o

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12- I strongly agree

She should have left the room? I didn't vote.

anyone who clicked YDI is pathetic. hope you get better OP :(

its 91 now. i dont understand it.

He shouldn't have laughed. EDIT: Or she. Fuck it, it was sarcasm, I don't care.

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543 now. Why do some people click YDI for no reason?! Get well OP

@38. What a fucking fail at trying to look smart. He/she was given medicine. He/she didn't know, dumb ass

59 - it was 29 not 39 , 'dumb ass'