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talk about busting a gut with laughter :)


Sounds like they bought their doctorates online. Sue the bastards for malpractice! Oh, and for plagiarising Bill Hicks material...

dude what the hell are you talking about. it wouldn't be that hard to tear stitches if you were laughing.

talk about busting a gut with laughter :)

Dammit! beat me to the busting a gut pun -_-

Sorry to hear that laughing was so detrimental because being positive, happy, and laughing is a great helper to recovery. I just got home from having spine surgery coupled with a 20 day hospital stay and laughing HURTS; even the slightest chuckle hurts so much. Do your best to hang in there and stay positive; I feel your pain.

spine surgery sucks :( I was on morphine so the pain wasn't that bad though :D

Sneezing & coughing hurts as well

hmmm...........................……….…… ok I got it

awww.. That sucks hope you feel better :(

I have no clue where

How in the HELL is this a YDI situation? 42 of you are idiots 0.o

12- I strongly agree

She should have left the room? I didn't vote.

anyone who clicked YDI is pathetic. hope you get better OP :(

its 91 now. i dont understand it.

He shouldn't have laughed. EDIT: Or she. Fuck it, it was sarcasm, I don't care.

543 now. Why do some people click YDI for no reason?! Get well OP

@38. What a fucking fail at trying to look smart. He/she was given medicine. He/she didn't know, dumb ass

59 - it was 29 not 39 , 'dumb ass'