By Annie - 24/08/2015 08:46 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I was lying on a couch, reading, when I noticed a spindly leg poking round the corner of my book. Upon realising it was a spider, I calmly and rationally threw my book across the room, breaking the TV. FML
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Well at least you got the spider! Right?

You've got a good arm! Try out for baseball.


You've got a good arm! Try out for baseball.

RenoTheRhino 30

Unless, of course, OP was aiming for the trash can.

Well at least you got the spider! Right?

I bet it could survive that though... like she shoulda closed the book hard then she could be sure instead of just throwing it and breaking the tv.

@22 She would be sure, but she would also have a smashed spider in her book.

all he wanted was a little kiss

Maybe you should of thrown the book at the spider not across the room

The spider was ON the book, dear.

tantanpanda 26

More like try to throw the book in a vacant direction with nothing in the line of fire.

or throw it into a line of fire. possibly the fire place o.o

@12 Yea, I misread the fml

It's okay. :) Everyone misreads stuff. It happens all the time.

Actually the calm rational thing to do would've been to close the book on the spider.

No, the calm, rational thing to would've been to have the house firebombed.

It was on the outside of the book though.

Use the book to smash the spider on the floor or something.

We all would have done the same thing

Honestly, this seems like a probable YDI. Why not just drop your book, next to you, crushing the spider? Oh well, hope you can afford a new TV! (Or survive without one.)

I actually understand OP. A lot of people are terrified by spiders (including me) and if I saw something I was terrified of next to me, I would act in the moment and throw the book. A good, but probably extreme, way to think about this is if someone was held at gun point. He/she probably won't focus on stuff like what type of gun the shooter is holding because he/she is most likely more concerned with getting killed.

One cannot be rational when facing a spider.

Steffi3 40

Maybe next time, calmly and rationally aim for something other than the telly?

can a book throw really break a TV?

You can break a flat screen with a pen. They're not built to take damage. Weird, huh?

If you have a fireplace, I would recommend that instead.