By Blah - United States
  Today, I was lying in bed throwing a football in the air and catching it. I missed a catch, and the ball hit me between the legs. I shoved my hands down my pants because it hurt, just as my step-dad walked into the room and saw me holding my crotch and moaning. FML
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By  ScaryyMary  |  14

You were playing with a ball that hit your balls and now your stepdad thinks you were playing with your balls when really you were only playing with one ball and you posted the whole sad story on FML... you, sir, are ballin'.

  lemonyfresh  |  0

actually, i think the op is american, and therefore a rugby ball is more rounded than a football is. and judging by your name, arsenalFC, i assume you're british, so your football would mean "soccer ball" to us. but the op i assume meant an american football.