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Today, I was lost in a new town, so I asked a woman for directions. For some reason, she seemed to avoid me. About halfway down the block, she quickly turned around, and the next thing I remember is my eyes stinging like hell. Apparently she thought I was a mugger and maced me. FML
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I would love to see someone who was wrongly maced whip out their own can of mace and mace the chick back.

The woman should be charged with assault if there was no provocation. Just because she is a spaz does not make it acceptable to mace people.


well, maybe you shouldnt be so lost

And maybe you shouldn't be so boring and unimaginative. Nobody's perfect, well except me. LMAO jk jk I know I'm not either... :P

Pics or it didnt happen

Women: Why is it that you must flatter yourself by thinking that EVERY guy on the street wants to do something to you? This reminds me of the guy who tried to return someone's wallet, but the bitch "thought he was hitting on her" so she gave him a false name. Seriously...

It's not an issue of flattery; it's an issue of safety. Rape isn't about sex; it's about power. When I stop hearing that 1 in 4 women will be assaulted before the age of 18, and 1 in 2 will be in college, 1 in 6 in a lifetime, maybe then I won't be so afraid to walk down a street alone.

Those stats are some real bs, and you shouldn't be afraid of some feminist propaganda. In the study that says "1/4 women get raped", they considered "attempted forced kissing" as rape.

It's just a few people giving everyone a bad name. Everybody is so god damn paranoid these days

How do your statistics work, quarty? Shouldn't the percentage of women assaulted in a lifetime be greater than the percentage of women assaulted before their 18th birthday? If she seemed to avoid you for half a block (and I'm assuming she didn't give you directions), isn't that a sign that you won't get directions? Why the hell would you follow her for that long asking questions?

Honestly, the 1 in 6 was just repeating what everyone else said on this site, but the 1 in 2 in college and 1 in 4 before 18 came from rape seminars I had to attend for school. And it's not like I think it's the op's fault. The woman was being stupid, no doubt about it. There's definitely a line between paranoia and safety, but I'm just saying we don't think every guy wants to have sex with us.

why is everyone scared shitless of everything nowadays?!? i guess because th weak minded inbred sheep cant help but fall for the govts propaganda and fear mongering. its really important that you be paranoid and afraid of everything "yes we can" be a victim. when your all dead ill laugh at your fate, because you were too weak to survive, and i was too strong to be taken out like a dumbass

I would love to see someone who was wrongly maced whip out their own can of mace and mace the chick back.

maybe he just thought she didnt hear him

#47 he could have already asked thought she was going to take him there. Some people do that lead you to where you want to go


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Ah yes, the poorly veiled misogyny routine is SO imaginative. If anything, what you've succeeded in doing with this comment is proving that men are, typically, morons & that women are, usually, very intellectually superior, & by asking a woman for directions over a man, the OP made probably the most intelligent decision of his life. Suck it.

Except the woman maced him, assuming he was a rapist, because all men are rapists, right?

#5's comment is so true. #41 stfu women are not smarter than men, i dont really have any statistics but i know in my physics c class in high school the ratio of guys to girls is 15:1 my calc class is about 4:1 etc. its just a fact that they arent

No, he asked a woman out of desperation, which ended up being a horrible mistake, as women generally have a poorer sense of spacial orientation than men, which results in a poorer ability to both recall and give directions.

You know a single 'misogynistic' comment from one guy who is clearly joking doesn't actually prove anything, much less the intelligence level of himself, let alone of the 'typical' man. Nor does it prove anything of women. I could just as easily say that your comment proves the arrogance of the 'don't-need-a-man-independent-forever' woman. Therefore the only grounds you have to tell men to 'suck it' is an unstable, overemotional argument based against a comment meant as a joke. There was no poorly veiled misogyny there, rather obviously faked (and possibly satirical) misogyny.

#5, Please don't be a male chauvinist pig.

Second fail is that he by chance found a self righteous feminist that takes everything too far. Suck it

so you asked her and THEN she attacked you? or did you just chase her with the notion to ask her and she had no clue? because if you did ask her, she's just a paranoid psycho bitch, for not answering and running away. or did she answer and you just stalked her for fun? xD anyways, FYL being lost and then getting peppersprayed must suck...

hey number 8 stfu dude you do that in every dam comment get a life no one wants to check out that dumb website anyways

Why did you chase her? True, it's a little odd for her to get that scared, unless perhaps it was nighttime and in an unsavory area of town. Still, I don't think you should chase a person who seems to be avoiding you. You're kind of asking for trouble. You didn't deserve to be maced, though. So both FYL and YDI?

He never said he chased, or even intentoionally followed, her. He might have just wandered in the same direction as he was, afterall, lost.

The woman should be charged with assault if there was no provocation. Just because she is a spaz does not make it acceptable to mace people.

hello! why would you follow her? that was dumb

Ummmm Ydi I sadly would have sprayed you too !! Im being followed Im thinking Oh shit They are gonna rob,rape or bash me!! Sorry but having been a victim in the past The worst comes to mind... Get a GPS or a map!!!

Dear Fuckyear, I’d like to civilly dispute a lot of the very fallible points you just made. Stating that this woman is a “bitch” simply because she accidentally maced someone she viewed as a threat is a ridiculous claim. While it is true that people are bred by society to be paranoid of any & everyone (& thing), that is only a single & small part of what made this woman react the way she did. Perhaps she is a rape victim, so tremendously scarred & traumatized by her previous experience of sexual violence that any man, no matter in what situation, seems threatening. Think about it: war veterans are still haunted by vivid nightmares of bloody battles, so it’s not ridiculous to think that a person subject to a violent attack would still relive the assault & perhaps overreact to any following situation that may seem threatening. Then, you proceeded to condescend to women in general by stating that we have legs (wow, thank you! I had NO idea that I had those!). Now, while fleeing a threatening situation can, a lot of the time, be a great way to prevent any negative happenings, you can’t honestly claim that running will prevent any and all possible sexual assaults. In case you didn’t know, men have legs too (I know, right?!) and are just as capable of running as women. Plus, a man planning to rape someone is probably dressed for the occasion, while the woman he chooses to victimize, who probably tries like all women to avoid the “In Case of Rape” departments in most clothing stores, is not. Say a man, in tennis shoes, sets his sights on a woman, in heels. Even if she runs, she’s at a great disadvantage because she, unlike he, was not aware of this imminent situation. 1) While it is true that mace is NOT a totally disabling mechanism, as you stated, it is true that mace has the power to disarm and discombobulate your potential attacker for just long enough. The initial burning sensation begot by the mace, and the initial shock of being maced in the first place, can allot the potential victim just enough time to get away and hide, without the threat of the man chasing her (right away). Perhaps being maced will further piss him off & this turn him into the aggressive type (if he previously wasn’t), but he will still falter for a few moments, allowing the victim just a few precious extra moments to flee. 2) Yes, mace is a defense, not a deterrent. However, the situation you are presenting involved the situation escalating to one of mild sexual force, so why not deter a potential attack in the first place? The difference is simple: instead of waiting for the situation to escalate to the point where mace is required, the mace should be used immediately to prevent the situation BECOMING threatening in any way. Now, I know this logic is flawed, and I in no way condone people walking around and macing everyone who they deem a potential threat. But not all rapists make aggressive pre-rape advances, touch your clothes, or speak entirely in an aggressively sexual way. A man could potentially approach a woman, ask her for directions, and while she’s recounting the way to get to KFC, he grabs her up & drags her off into an alley. Your logic in this instance is flawed, because not every sexual assault is preceded with outwardly sexual behavior. If they were, it’d be a lot easier to spot a potential assault & therefore avoid it, but since even nice, “normal” guys can be rapists (yes. It’s true.) it is impossible to spot an impending sexual assault. The mistake is on your part here, dear fuckyear, because you’ve somehow convinced yourself that rapists and “normal” men are two completely different species. Not true at all. Weird, freaky men can have no ill-will toward you at all, while the “normal”-seeming man could be fingering the knife in his pocket while he checks out your tits. If you were to ask a group of rape victims by whom they were raped, I guarantee that at least half of them would say by a totally nice & “normal” man who they knew would bode them no harm. Your “logic bust” was full of failed logic & not quite as busty as you hoped. Although we do have two very different sides of the debate here, given our separate genders, most women will agree with me, especially on the “not all weird men are rapists/not all nice guys are nice guys” point. It is true, America is founded, fed, and based on paranoia. However, using the logic of international war to explain the actions of a woman in a potential assault doesn’t work as well as you wanted it to. International war is a much more broad-scale situation that affects hundreds and thousands and millions of people. Rape, a single instance of rape, affects, in that moment, the rapist and the victim. A decision involving the welfare of millions of people, and a decision involving the welfare of my vagina, are going to be decided on two different scales with two different agendas and plots of logic. Bomb a nation? Well, let’s talk about this… Mace a dude who may try to rape me? Yes. Hell yes. Also, we are only offered a small window into the situation stated above. Perhaps it was dark, perhaps the street was empty, perhaps, as I previously stated, the woman in question was a rape victim. In any case, I believe the blame lies on the man in question. If you are foolish enough to approach a strange woman, especially a strange woman alone, and she becomes threatened and maces you, you’ve got it coming. It’s the same as approaching a stray dog (oh god, I shouldn’t be comparing women to dogs…I am going to get so much shit for this.): if that dog bites you, you have only yourself to blame because it was you who foolishly approached that dog, without any previous knowledge of what kind of dog it is. Long story short: don’t fucking rape people. It’s just not cool. This was fun! Let’s do it again. Sincerely, BlueberryPies

so women that are alone should mace any guy that approaches them

i'd disagree with you 43 when you say: "I believe the fault lies with the man in question" from how its worded it sounds like he had asked and was under the impression she was going to take him there. Perhaps he had asked her face to face and she didn't say anything and just started walking in which case even I would follow in that instance it would be the woman's fault entirely. Maybe he asked and though she heard him and she kept walking and he thought she was taking him there so she followed him. In this instance it was a big misunderstanding all around, but I don't think he was just following her trying to get directions from her. It didn't sound like thats what went down to me when reading this post because he said "I was lost in a new town so I ASKED a woman for directions" not "I was GOING to ask a woman for directions." So that tells me he was under some kind of impression that she heard him and was under the impression that she was going to take him to where he was going for whatever reason. You can't pin the blame solely on him for that.

Women have no right to use mace until the situation becomes threatening. Using mace before then is assault, plain and simple. Saying a woman has a right to use mace before the mace is required is completely paranoid, illogical, and illegal. A woman preemptively spraying a man in the face from fear of rape makes as much sense as a man preemptively punching a woman in the temple to keep her from macing him.

Sorry, blueberrypies, but fuckyear has you beat, here. I don't care if a woman has been raped before, that is absolutely no justification for her to go about macing strangers at the slightest provocation (or lack thereof). That kind of behaviour is totally unjustified and completely irrational and if the genders were reversed, the man would be tossed in jail for assault, so why isn't she being treated the same way? You can't shoot someone in the head because they disagreed with your opinion on something and claim that "you were trying to prevent a fight from breaking out", because that's ridiculous. Yet somehow, you say it should be okay that this gal maced a guy who was just asking for directions because he -possibly- might have thought to do her harm? I'm a woman too, but give me a fucking break. Thank christ for rationality. I hate how so many females seem to be lacking it.

#43 How do you ACCIDENTALLY mace someone?

I just read that entire thing, fml