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Destroy her with lasers!

Slowly back away, while weeping for humanity.


Destroy her with lasers!

One Direction Infection. It's a sad thing.

Time to get the straight jacked and padded room ready.

Kill it with fire before it breeds!

Drive it off a cliff, into a lake of fire.

stevenJB 25

Doesn't matter how you kill!!!

C'mon guys, they just want to light up your world like nobody else!

I'll light up their world with a Molotov.

\ 28

Cock the hammer and take aim...

I'll be your number one with a bullet! Here's a loaded gun complex, just cock it and pull it, an BAM! No more one direction.

why does everyone hate one direction? I'm not a crazy fan girl but I like some of their music... :/

Why do they have to exist

Did somebody say... Directions?

Directions? ONE DIRECTION!! OMG!! *pisses self like excited dog/preteen girl* Just kidding. I hope 1D becomes irrelevant sometime soon, but I'm not too hopeful after we suffered 5 long years wit Justin Bieber.

It was a spongebob reference to the chocolate scene

It DOES suck but that IS pretty funny though.

It's more annoying than funny

You have sided with the enemy and must hereby also be destroyed.

Your RANDOM capitalization is WHAT really sUCks.

That's what makes you beautiful!

Slowly back away, while weeping for humanity.

Don't shoot me but I actually like One Direction. It's just the fangirls that put people off

You are a disgrace to the real Slim Shady

Yeah, I like 'em too. Gimme all the crap you want, but they're a big guilty pleasure of mine. I fucking hate their fanbase though.

I don't like them at all, but I think the haters are at least as annoying as their fanbase. I probably wouldn't even heard of them if people didn't hate them so much.

It's ok #57, no need to be ashamed. We all have are guilty pleasures ;)

Saying you hate their fan base doesn't make your guilty pleasure any more tolerable

Why not, 84? I'm sure a bunch of us on here listened to NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys during their heyday, and One Direction really isn't that much different. I don't call myself a "Directioner" or interact with their crazy-ass fandom at all. I just casually listen to them from afar. And I'm pretty aware that they're a flash in the pan and will certainly be gone within a year or two.

I got thumbed down for saying I liked One Direction. I didn't act like a crazy ass fangirl/boy. People think they're cool hating on One Direction. I mean seriously, it's a band, right? Get over it, if you hated them so much why would you bother with the effort of talking about them?

if you hate haters so much,why be bothered to talk about them?

It's okay #95 - I get shit for liking Nickelback all the time. To each his own, I say!

High five, 95. Us sane casual 1D fans gotta stick together.

Nickelback on the other hand is a great band.

It's ok OP, stupidity is universal. When I was in China, they kept jumping on my friend screaming that he looked like Justin Bieber.

oh my god, that would be awful haha. damn id have to beat sum chinese ass if they kept jumping up and down on me or my buddy hahaha

51, can you please repeat that in English?

Hahaha that's hilarious!

\ 28

It's the one thing that makes them feel... "American..."

\ 28

...that's why they pounce on it so much. They probably don't know better music

How young was this girl? Next time, try finding an adult to help you.

Sadly there are a lot of adult women who love them to... My mother is one. It is so sad.

Where do five gay guys walk? In one direction.

This one's kind of old.

More like one direction to going deaf... Ehh

Next time avoid asking the 11 year old for directions.

I hate people for this reason.

I hate you for the reason that you hate 12 for the reason that he hates people. And I'd prefer red wine, to be honest.

Lol ok calm your nuts

78 - Never.