By catpeecathy - / Monday 14 September 2009 04:20 / United States
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By  pwnrzero  |  0

this fml has been copied.

there is an exact version of this, almost word for word, already on the site.

if op isnt lieing, fyl

if op is, ydi

thus, i will just click on both

  Mnemic  |  4

I agree with Jenmaree. You should have picked up the smell the first time that something was wrong with your clothes. And maybe clean the litter box so she would actually feel to use it again? ;)

  wink568  |  0

My cats have peed in my laundry before. Don't assume it can't happen more than once. Plus, the OP might not have noticed the smell right away. It was like she put on the shirt like the other person in the other post did.

I don't notice the smell right away either, but once I noticed the wet laundry, I knew what happened.

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