By Elephant1718 - 12/06/2013 01:16 - United States - The Dalles

Today, I was looking forward to my only day to sleep-in this month while I'm balancing school and work. I was rudely awakened at 6 am by my sister and her friend trying to make pancakes, burning them, and setting off the fire alarm in my house for half an hour. FML
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seem like an accident...

That truly sucks OP....I know the feeling of losing that one chance of sleeping in....


seem like an accident...

I don't know about OP, but I don't have a problem going back to sleep if I'm still tired...

Not really. I mean stupid do you have to be to burn pancakes. They are damn near the easiest thing to make.

OHH the irony, "stupid do you have to be" xD

That truly sucks OP....I know the feeling of losing that one chance of sleeping in....

glamorous18 10

it's one of the shittiest feelings :(

dinosxxrawr 22

if house isn't burnt to the ground then you have another chance to sleep in next time.

some people can't fall asleep after awakened, especially when contending with loud noise and the smell of burning.

dinosxxrawr 22

next time. as in the next time OP has a chance to sleep in.

misread... I apologize

dontpanic_fml 32

Still, the whole point is that the OP doesn't know the next time they'll be able to sleep in, so it doesn't seem relevant to me.

Kick them out and enjoy your sleep in peace :)

FYL, but at least it was an accident. Who knows? Maybe, they were even making the pancaked for you. I do feel sorry for you, but it doesn't seem like they were trying to wake you up.

aww fuck the pancakes life

Poor pancakes burnt before they had a chance to make something of themselves.

Only day to sleep in this month?? Wow. FYL!!!

Tell those bitches to go to IHop

Even they don't open up so early lol

But why were they up so early? Most kids are on summer break, though I do know some are in school. But at 6 AM they only have like a half hour to get ready for school.

I would be jarred awake with no chance to hit the snooze by my smoke detector. those fuckers are loud

quanito1013 6

After the alarm go off, go back to sleep =]