By labiebaby - / Monday 7 January 2019 18:00 / United States
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  zuckerburg  |  19

When you want to commit suicide, you don't bother with googling the stages of drowning or how long it will take. She's planning something, an accident perhaps, life insurance might be involved, who knows, maybe her prying mom can't keep her nose out of her business and now she's fearing for her life and posting an FML

  Squidgegg  |  2

Or maybe ask her first? It would be a bit embarrassing to pay a psychiatrist and then have her go "...I'm doing writing research."

Because honestly, we end up researching some weird shit in the name of accuracy. I've looked up how long it takes to bleed out from a cut throat, how long burning your fingerprints off lasts, the effects of kneecapping and the treatment of such, enucleation, the real effects associated with being shot in the shoulder, various poisons, the average price of a hitman in the country I'm from...

Never mind being concerned about secret psychopathy, I'm more worried about being on some sort of watchlist at this point.

  Kalua  |  6

Let me add "How long until a dead body starts to smell?", "Can you survive jumping out of a moving car?" and prices for different drugs, guns, and black-market organs.
Maybe government agencies, by now, have a huge folder called "Serial Killer/Writer", where they put everyone they just can't be sure about yet.

By  FFStepchild283  |  24

I mean, there's always the first step of actually asking her about it instead of jumping to the conclusion of mental instability. My initial thought was a school project or a discussion she had with friends over something they saw in a movie that someone called BS on and she wanted to find the answer....or other people could be right and she might need a me yal health expert.

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