By ruinedmoment - 24/02/2011 06:20 - United States

Today, I was looking at an old post between my ex and I on Facebook. Everything I was reading was adorable. Just as I was reminiscing about the great relationship we had, I look to the right of the screen to see the girl he cheated on me with in "People you may know". Thanks Facebook. FML
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Sorry. All I read there was "I was stalking an ex on facebook because I was feeling lonely"

Ruined moment? Are you serious? Fb rescued your pathetic arse! Stop dwelling on a failed relationship. You are fooling yourself into thinking it was perfect until She came aling and ruined everything. I don't even know you and I know that wasn't the case; it never is. If it wasn't her, it would've been someone or something else. Your bf was emotionally checked out. Short version: Stop deluding yourself, stop fb stalking, and move the fuck on.


if he cheated on you, the relationship obviously wasn't that great. stop being so romantically naive.

Not necessarily true, 36. People can do stupid things sometimes, regardless of their current relationship. Don't be so harsh.

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y would u get so upset about this and post it here. facebook doesnt have feelings and it doesnt give a shit about ur relationship problems. harden the fuck up

I agree with 36. It was a good thing to see her face and remind you that he was obviously a total tool. That way you're not only thinking about the good stuff and getting so caught up in it that you forget he's an ex for a reason. Moving on can be hard, but take this as a sign that you need to.

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#73, I hope you don't talk like that away from the computer.

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well I hope you don't be a hippy in real life.

God Op. Get real. He is an ex. Move on and get your head out of your ass.

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dude I feel you're pain, a girl I can't stand has 66 friends in commen with me, she's always on the top of the list

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I'm sry but how is this a FML? it's a good thing u got reminded of his cheating or u might have ran back to him or got all depressed over losing him.

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obviously you should have been a better gf OP. otherwise, he wouldnt have cheated on you.

that suxxxx

is it bad that it made me laugh like crazy? i:

damn that's really sh*tty

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C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! (that felt great... I've always wanted to do that!)

that would be right .just happens to show up then

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not facebooks fault. wonder why she isn't blaming the ex

just go on facebook. facebook solves everything!

yeah, haha, right.

Facebook friend suggestions suck most of the time. If I wanted to be friends with the person they suggest, I probably would've been already.

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They are good if you just created a facebook account, or someone you knew created one, but other than that, yeah, it sucks. Especially when it suggests pages, and suggests you like the Dallas Cowboys (me being a Eagles fan, and my brother a Redskins fan, I think you would know how seriously we would take that suggestion).

People You Might Know on Facebook is awesome! That is how my fiancé and I met. Well officially met...we knew of each other but didn't technically meet until FB. Three years going strong and we can't wait to get married! OP needs to not only blame the chick but her ex as well. It takes two to tango. But she also needs to put her big girl panties on and move forward with her life.

another win for the Internet.

Yeah, I hate the friend suggestions. It's all the people that I already rejected. Just because I've seen you before doesn't mean we should friend each other.


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same here.. it sucks.

same here...

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the exact same thing happened to me! -_-