By GodDaughter - United States
Today, I was locked out of my house so I texted my cousin to come over and help me get in. She came over, stood on a chair and lifted me through the smallest unlocked window possible. Sadly, this was my bathroom window and I ended up head-first into my toilet. FML
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  RubixMonkey  |  0

#1- First off if the bathroom is small enough to have a tiny window then she might have still had her cousin holding her legs but have slipped into the toilet.


#1 i agree completly!!
landing in a toilte head first from a window is 1) impossible to land that directly from a freaking window 2) if magically she did, she would have broken her neck/back or have a concussion and die. consitering that the cousin lifted her in from the outside, she would have drowned and died. the end.

everyone that thinks #1 is stupid and wrong, you are fucktarts

  RubixMonkey  |  0

You his mommy? 44, having your head land in the toilet can mean several things, 1) she could have been going in the window face first, put her hands out and slipped on the porcelain and fallen in the toilet. 2) her cousin would have most likely had her legs and maybe pulled her her at the wrong second. It is possible. It doesn't mean instant toilet head action.

  Brendan3693  |  0

XD with that pun

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By  ireply_w_lyrics  |  0

"...You find out who your friends are
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  pelican2  |  0

hey, lets play a game. you find one of your friends, get them to flip you upside down, and drop you about 2-3 feet into a toilet, if the force doesn't severely hurt your neck and/or break it, congratulations, you just defied physics.

  Houlihan  |  0

Because this fml clearly states that they fell 2-3 feet without sliding off of a towel rack, the back of the toilet, or any other object that would have slowed their fall.


I remembered the one picture that i have.
It's a guy with his face in a urinal (he seems to have simply passed out and fell in) and the caption was
Rock Bottom
you'll know when you hit it