By onlyme - United States
Today, I was lining a soccer field. I had the entire grid laid out, so I began to paint with a handheld cart. I finished the entire field without looking back once. I forgot to put paint in the cart. I walked around a field for an hour painting with air. FML
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By  jeremymg91  |  0

I've had moments like these before. One day I was sitting in my new car (my second car) and was going nuts because my keys wouldn't go in the ignition and actually called my brother to have him see what was wrong. I was using the wrong key.

By  teehee520  |  0

If you finished without looking back once wouldn't you have at least seen some white in your peripheral vision? At all?!
You deserve it for assuming (ASS + U + ME) that there was already paint in there.