By spiderinmylips - United States
Today, I was laying out in my backyard trying to get some color, when I felt a little tickle on my lips. I rubbed them together to satisfy the itch, when I felt a sort of crunchish popping between them. I had crushed a spider between my lips and its legs were still moving. FML
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  Logica42  |  0

Spiders= eek.

Squishy/ed bugs/arachnids= ick.

Anything icky going near your mouth/ear/eyes/etcetera= /violent shudder of disgust and vague horror

Squished spider near one of one's openings (especially ON THEIR LIPS)= omfg, ewewewew, aihiahgegihaepa, /violent shudder.

There. Enjoy. Just because you don't have a problem with spiders doesn't mean nobody else does. You might as well just say "I'm sick of FMLs that are only momentarily blegh-ish" or some such ... but I seem to recall the site itself saying "little moments that ruin your day" somewhere. So. Yeah. Maybe it didn't ruin their entire life, but it usually DOES ruin their day in some way, shape or form.

Anyway, to the OP, eurgh. Legs. Still moving. /gags

  DareToDream7  |  0

You're an idiot. You want her to hire an exterminator to get rid of all the spiders OUTSIDE? Dipshit. It's like me telling a hunter to kill all the birds in the world. Its impossible. Think before you speak next time, it just makes you sound stupid.