By Anonymous - / Monday 25 March 2013 06:03 / Australia - Wantirna
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  A7XCamaro  |  19

Don't forget that this could be the same cat that jumped on OP's lap and farted in her face. I'd say it's pushing its luck on not getting skinned these days.

By  bReLiNg  |  18

Ydi -_-
"Adoring fans"? No. They are laughing at you for being a failure.


OP was jokingly curtsying to try and play it off like it was an act, referring to the people laughing at him as his "adoring fans". Hence the quotation marks.
And there's no need to call OP a failure for tripping on the stairs twice...

By  hama806  |  19

I hope you got a standing O for that performance and encore. Most people would bow their head in embarrassment. Good for you that you didn't. Oh and I'm glad that you're OK.

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