By Anonymous - 19/12/2015 05:44

Today, I was kayaking with my friend. We figured it'd be awesome if I jumped from my kayak straight into his. Sounded good in theory. One flipped kayak, a pair of lost glasses and a humiliating swim back to shore later, I'm starting to think it wasn't the best idea. FML
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"Hey guys, watch this..." Infamous last words till stupid stunt is done.


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How on earth is that an awesome idea?

If you pull it off, your brain makes you feel good and other sciency stuff, and you feel awesome because if that.

Are you kidding bro, that would be sooo epic! (End sarcasm font)

What the hell did you think would happen, OP?

"Hey guys, watch this..." Infamous last words till stupid stunt is done.

The best stories always start with "what could go wrong", "this would be awesome" or "hold my beer" and end with a humiliating defeat or in the nearest hospital.

The force of your body would flip the kayak, c'mon man. And what would you do with the kayak you jumped off of anyway…?

Not if you do it right, we used to play a game which involved us jumping from one kayak to another. :)

I'm more interested in your theory. How did it look good on theory? how?

I have the same question. I mean... jumping from kayak to kayak? I can't see any way in which this would look cool or sound like a good idea. Even if it was a flat-top kayak instead of one of the ones you sit inside, I can't imagine jumping onto another kayak ever resulting in anything but at least one, but probably both, kayaks flipping.

Well in OP's defense... Nevermind, I've got nothing.

Only starting to think? Must be what that burning smell is.

Sounded good in theory? If that sounds good to you I'm scared to think what sounds bad.

You know what they say: one person's FML is another's viral YouTube video.