By ProneToBlondeMoments - 05/10/2009 23:25 - United Kingdom

Today, I was just about to do an important presentation in front of my boss and co-workers. When, without warning I tripped in front of everyone and knocked a VERY expensive computer off the table. How do I know it was so expensive? I'm paying for it. FML
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There's no reason any company shouldn't have insurance for workplace accidents. Either this is a fake, your company is operating incredibly irresponsibly, or they think/know you're dumb and can pull one over on you.

Just don't knock the new one off. Once gets sympathy, twice gets pity. And a lot of pointing and laughing. :]


This story totally wouldn't have been an FML if it wasn't an "important presentation." If it was just a regular presentation, it would have been no big deal.

In US they wouldn't be able to make you pay for the computer and you could actually sue them. That's why incidents like this usually result in "You okay? Good. It's cool."

This is absolutely true... in the US, you can sue them when you destroy their property. You can claim you were emotionally traumatized by destroying their property. Or that it required a lot of effort on your part, and you deserve to be compensated.

double post...

seriosuly, you guys say sue over anything and everything. by the time everything's said and done, it won't even be worth it. you're wasting time and money over a computer, and then there will be animosity at work.

Just replace it with a Dell instead. They're not that expensive.

Knocking a computer off a table won't destroy it. Its not like its made out of glass. Probably just cracked the case. New case = $20. No big deal.

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yeah was she supposed to fucking warm people before she was going to trip...poor wording ftl

When you got up was your purse gone? Just say you hit your head when you fell and now you have many of the symptoms of a concussion. Use the time off to find a job at a decent company.

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is he rich? that makes all the difference...seriously

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If you have homeowners or renters insurance then you should talk to your agent about this. You have liability coverage that may cover the cost of the computer. If you end up paying for the computer yourself then the damaged one is yours. You should politely suggest that the old damaged computer is yours since you paid for it. They can strip it of the software. Don't know your working environment, so be careful with this one. You don't want to get fired to boot. Perhaps it can be repaired at a reasonalbe cost and then you would have a computer.

Must have been a Alienware. those things can run u like 10k+ if you add every spec/add on possible. haha Sad part is you won't own it in the end. LOL