By habbsrule - 15/06/2012 14:21 - Canada

Today, I was joking around with my eight-year-old son. I told him to pull my finger. I farted, then laughed. He decided to try it on his mother. When she pulled his finger, he crapped his pants. He told her I taught him how to do it. FML
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I'm not sure what's more impressive, farting on command, or sharting on command.

Lol that's FUNNY! nice going dad


The boy learns fast... (On a side note, you should have showed him your adult diapers to make sure he understood that the technique called for flatulence rather than shitting.)

Lol that's FUNNY! nice going dad

I can't tell if its my app freaking out of if there has been a large case of comment 1 disappearing.

So what do you do? "Excuse me a sec while I do into another room and let out this fart"?

Farting is still considered rude. But when I'm with my faily and friends, it's the funniest shit in the world. Or at least, we think so. haha

It doesn't say that the OP is a guy.

In gonna waste the first comment. Penis penis dick suck

Its funny because you werent first

I love I when someone's comment is that they're first and then they end up as the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th comment... it's like, haha nice going! now you really look like a dumbass!! YDI!! edit: the comment I commented on was deleted

... Whatever happened to decency in parenting? If I ever farted in front of my parents I'd be given a lecture on decent and indecent behavior!

#9 - You just look like a complete dumbass posting that, whether or not the comment were to be deleted. DUMBASS, YDI.

Really 19? Farts were always pretty funny in my house. And now that I live with my boyfriend who acts 8 when it comes to farts they still are pretty funny in my house.

22 - well every culture has its norms and style of parenting. In our society farting is considered very rude.

But having a lizard in your mouth and saying nom nom isn't?

That kid is an over achiever

Actually that makes sense, where you're from (I'm going mostly on stereotypes here so if I screw this up don't be angry) some areas are a Lot more formal in their every day lives as well there is more emphasis put on respecting elders, around here we're more laid back and - though I like it this way - that doesn't mean our way is better (in this one instance it apparently smells less to respect your elders more /:)

I'm pretty sure it's rude in all families, just that some family's find farts amusing or just don't care.

Never trust a fart lol with that being said, farts=amusing

That's...GENIUS! I will use that!

Who gets to change the diaper? ;) haha

Unfortunately, since he's 8, there's likely no diapers, just shitty pants.

12, the mon does. She pulled the finger.

Looks like 4 is taking a shit...

65- I was just gonna say that

65 - I was trying to figure out the expression. Thanks for the clarification ;)

It's still pretty funny

It's definitely funny.. Just not pretty :)

You look like MJ. No joke.

Haha! She kind of does XD

Don't blame the boy, he's only 8. Maybe your fart sounded and smelled too much like the real deal.

I'm not sure what's more impressive, farting on command, or sharting on command.

Just need to figure out the right command outside of the finger being pulled

Pooping on command is hard. I did something like the sons OP except I was sadly older. Haha. I did mean to fart and not poop my pants though.

Totally OT 68 we have the same dishes!!

The kid learns fast. Although you should have showed him you adult diapers to make sure he understood that the technique called for flatulence rather than sh!tting.

Don't worry, he'll have years to perfect that joke. I'm surprised she fell for that trick. Time to clue her in what "pull my finger" means. She just got an extra bonus this time. :O

LMAO kids are great.