By wtf - 08/03/2012 09:03 - United States

Today, I was jamming out and playing some air guitar. I somehow managed to knee myself directly in my left eye socket. I now have a hideously swollen face and a black eye. When people ask me what happened, I'll be hesitant to tell the truth. FML
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The tough life of a guitar hero...

Yeah, I'd come up with a better story for that black eye. Make it a good one. Maybe something involving a mugging with 2 attackers.


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Well air guitar is the most dangerous of instruments.

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Say you saved a baby on a wild horse!! ^_^ ( I honestly, wouldnt change a thing!!! Lol.. I thought it was pretty funny.)

Butt trumpet is pretty high up on the list too...

So is the skin flute

OMG OP, you're a freakin' ninja!!!

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You were saving dying British orphans is always a good fib

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I play air guitar so much better than real guitar. At least to Metallica songs.

I used to play air guitar, but then I took an eye to the knee.

Yeah, I'd come up with a better story for that black eye. Make it a good one. Maybe something involving a mugging with 2 attackers.

Or that you mixed it up with four senior citizens. They beat you pretty severely but two of them would most likely need hip replacements

Cool, and you were defending the honor of some girl :) Never tell the real story...

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Just keep saying "you should see the other guy!" and hope people stop questioning you.

I personally think the real story is better. "What happened to your eye?" "Oh, you know. Playing air guitar is dangerous. Knees go flying EVERYWHERE man." It's good to laugh at ourselves every now and again ^-^ I tripped up the stairs today at school and was laughing at myself while I was helped to my feet. No big deal, just go with it (:

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Yeah same with getting hit by a parked car

The tough life of a guitar hero...

I used to be a guitar hero, then I took a knee to the eye?

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I would just say I got kneed in the face. And when they say "by who?" Ill just say, "HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW, I GOT HIT IN THE EYE!"

#22, I see what you did there, Sir, and I enjoy it very much. Kudos! *thumbs up*

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That made me smile.

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At least it's an interesting story to tell...

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Awkward turtles is my favorite.

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Who says they need to know the truth? ;)

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I actually have kneed myself in the face too lol, just not as badly as you but I feel your pain.

Wow, that takes talent. I can't reach my eye with my knee unless I'm sitting down.

Eye fail to knee the problem here.

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I air drum. Let's start a band?

Yeww air bassist here

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Air backup singer right here

Your life is average.