By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Tranent
Today, I was invited to my friend's wedding. I wouldn't mind, but she chose her now fiancé over me, despite him being in prison for assault, a heroin addict and a general dick. This was all because I accidentally called her stupid three years ago. FML
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  DoomedGemini  |  37

We have the word of an obviously jealous sulking op on how this guy is. He sounds like a classic "nice guy" which means anyone the person they like are with are obvious complete douchebags with no good qualities.

  Ragor005  |  3

even if she realises it, she's not worth it. Every couple has to know how to forget eachother, of thats not the case, she wasn't meant for you or she just didn't love you and made up that excuse to leave you. No worries OP, you'll find someone better, you deserve it. (sorry for my bad english)

By  vreid  |  20

Hopefully by now he is over all of that stuff and you can all be happy for each other!
...Or use the invitation as toilet paper. Both are good options!

By  Tripartita  |  44

I'm amazed by those who seem to know what's best for the OP's friend, how long her marriage will last, and how intelligent she is from less than 300 characters.

As long has he isn't a dick to /her/, and she loves him, why won't it work out? People battle addiction all the time, and assault can be morally justified. As for him being a dick, is the OP really a reliable evaluator of his love's choice in men?

Unrequited love sucks no matter what. Her fiancé doesn't sound great, but it doesn't sound like he belittles her intelligence either.

  Cebolamole  |  13

I totally agree with you. To me it sounded like OP was a little conceited and had a little "Nice guy syndrome". He called her stupid, "accidentally" - whatever that means - and actually called the guy her crush is in love with a "general dick". That says a lot more to me than being in prison or an addict...

  Setareh23  |  34

Agreed. I won't vouch for the fiancé: Drug addict, prison, and "general dick" doesn't sound all that good. BUT it's being said by the guy who was rejected, so you never know what's being left out.
Anyways, I highly doubt she rejected him simply because he "accidentally" called her stupid. There were probably many other issues: lack of attraction, him belittling her and her choices, and maybe the fiance is a dick but OP is no gentleman prince either, etc... If he's blaming her current marriage on himself calling her stupid three years ago, chances are he's got other flaws he is just being blind to.
In any case, hopefully OP is just being a little bitter and his friend's marriage will be just fine. And once he gets over her, he may one day find his own love :)