By savvylady - 18/06/2009 04:52 - United States

Today, I was invited out to a date by my ex-boyfriend. He seemed really excited to reconnect and kept holding my hand and complimenting how I looked. Out of nowhere a girl runs up to him screaming. It was his current girlfriend, he was using me to make her jealous. FML
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Seems like you should've seen that one coming.


Seems like you should've seen that one coming.

heeyy! at least it worked!

Well it came screaming.

Agree, they are EX's for a reason ya know. YDI for doin that. Should have known something was up.

... bummer. Well! He doesn't seem like the greatest guy. Good riddance.

No wonder he's an 'ex'.

damn, i had this before... except my ex gf was making her current boyfriend jealous.. well you`re a girl.. u could at least kick him in the... family jewels

lol I completely agree

BOTH girls should've kicked him in the nuts.

She should of kicked him in the futur babies LOL shouldn't hit him in the balls.. he may atop acting like an ignorant fucktwat later and be a decent guy and want kids. punch him in the face.

At least he thought you had potential enough to make her jealous? Anyways, you really shouldn't go back to ex's, mostly. They always seem to continue find ways to fuck you over in the end...

Pahaha.. Aw.. Seemed to work at least. Scary-sounding current girlfriend.

And this is why we stay away from our exes.

hope you kicked him lol

That's the moment when you tell him in front of her you have herpes and you're preggas