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You know what else happened to your sister 10 minutes ago?

That happened to my sister ten minutes ago.


That happened to my sister ten minutes ago.

You know what else happened to your sister 10 minutes ago?

Your sister must be blonde.

Well, I figure no one cares to hear about my sister on someone else's FML, but it just struck me as an amusing coincidence. She's very dark brunette, by the way, but we call her Blondie, for obvious reasons.

Maybe your sister posted this FML!

It IS in Canada... maybe he did!

It IS in Canada... maybe he did!

nope. his sister didn't put it on here. OP is a dude.

how do you know OP is a dude?

it says it at the top right corner of my phone.

I call her blondie too. But she calls me "Black Python". You'll never guess why.

59, we don't know wanna know.

Mintcar, girl, I won't tell you but baby I'll show you why.

will you show me?

actually 14, it happened 10 min and 2 seconds ago. And your new couch looks great! It was kind of hard to see though from the bushes:p

61- that's not creepy..

Go ahead, 59, show 60 why you're called "Black Python".

mhm agree wrap me up in those multiple chin rolls.

#49, here's my guess: She calls you Black Python because your sharp serpent's tongue is full of lies.

only 1 very large roll #77 lol

Nope. Believe it or not shes actually talking about my penis.

me and carlos already know about jessie and his little midget friends! i told that bastard it wasent a good idea to hide here! we need to get out of here carlos! now! RUN!!!!!!

why does your sister have a nickname for you based on your penis?... better yet, why has your sister SEEN your penis?!

How the hell did this conversation turn into penises??

" hey guys! oh haha I remember that! haha...GUYS!! HEYY!! IS THIS A JOKE?!? I F*****G HATE YOU! UGH STUPID B*T***S!! I CANT BELIE--ohhh"...*click* "So what's up?"

Who said anything about MY sister!!?!????

Better yet, YOUR penis?!

Well I said something about MY penis.

Oh. Well that's okay.

Wait? Did someone say....'teehee' Penis.

Did you have Beats By Dre? man those things look awesome....

wanna hear a joke about my penis? never mind. it's too long.

Wanna hear a joke about my pussy? Nevermind you won't get it.

158, it does "look" awesome. But Bose is the way to go man!!

14, ur a jerk grow up. they were just saying it was a coincidence.

14, ahahahahha win !

213, 14 is grown up. he is about 28.

that's his age not maturity level if a 28 year old is making jokes that an 8 th grader wud say that's not grown up

STOP F****** IGNORING ME.... oh opps

what a complete beast

I normally just sit there jacking off in skype group calls. It's like chatroulette, with people you know!

Sometimes I do that on purpose...

62, and most of time you should be yelling at them with your mic in.

thats what happens when retards get on skype.

93 deserves multiple thumbs ups for preaching the truth.

I don't geddiittt... JksXD

at least they couldn't hear the yelling

You probably looked hilarious... heeeeheeee

slow mo hehe? :D

that's funny, easy mistake though, fyl. xD

that would suck!! you probably looked like a retard!

haha!! how embarrassing..

Bahahaha, I can just imagine it happening, too funny


omg 147 you are EPIC >:O

indeed.. successful troll ish successful

You know, this might be the reason everyone ignores me. I just need to speak louder...thanks OP you taught me a valuable lesson today.

ur pic was nicer brighter :) keep it light

lmfao wow dumbass

I'm blonde... And quite frankly I'm quite smart. The actual dumb blonde myth came from when women used to dye their hair with bleach, and it was believed that when they breathed in the bleach fumes that it killed their brain cells. So fake blondes, dumb. True blondes, smart!

Good for u...maybe now ppl won't be so IGNORANT ....LOL

True blondes are smart based upon....certainly not that comment.

106, way to ruin the validation of your comment. Hair color doesn't actually affect intelligence. ZOMG NO WAY GUIZZ!! And I'm a brunette, not some pissed off Ginger.