By egghead - United Kingdom
Today, I was introducing my American cousin to the peaceful English village I live in. Just as I was reassuring her that the people were very friendly and welcoming, a car drove past and pelted us with eggs. FML
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Actually in small towns stuff like this happens a lot because there is nothing to do. I'm from upstate ny, so I know rural. It's either petty vandalism or have sex so it's not too bad.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Is that the best you Brits can do?
Once I was walking with my friend past a bank in NYC.
There was quite a scene with people running about and cops all over.
We thought they were filming a movie cause there were crowds of people just watching.
Turns out the bank was actually being robbed.
Only in America is mayhem a spectator sport.

  kut19  |  6

Take a joke! You Brits have no sense of humor. We wanted our own country to escape the power hungry king, not because of flying eggs. Why be so defensive?


Strange, I've never Eaten an english muffin, although I suppose any muffin made over here is an english muffin.... But what Amerika doesnt Know is that BBC contains mind Control Signals AMD our muffins, poison. .... Damnit i shouldnt have Said that.

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Stop commenting about your "pro-america" pride. It's very unpopular, and make's you look like a closet-minded moron, And make's us americans look like total backward's slacked-jawed natiolalist yokels. SMDFH.