By egghead - 23/09/2011 08:31 - United Kingdom

Today, I was introducing my American cousin to the peaceful English village I live in. Just as I was reassuring her that the people were very friendly and welcoming, a car drove past and pelted us with eggs. FML
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perdix 29

By American standards, that is friendly and peaceful. Here, you'd get pelted with bullets.

Scrambled or fried?


Hahaha, what an awesome welcome!! :)

ikickgingers 15

14 - or The ever popular red koolaid in the water gun.

Or drinking your small town blues away.

Let's go Buffalo!?

I wonder what egged them to do that?

14 I'd prefer sex over petty vandalism personally, but maybe I'm just weird like that.

RedSharpieInk 5

How friendly and welcoming :) they gave you free eggs !! Normally I'd have to pay for them..

Haha. Well I think it's a great welcome! OP's cousin will know there is some fun going around!

This is perfectly normal, British people were never peaceful and no1 can say otherwise.

Damn Brits! You wonder why we wanted our own country!

We wanted our own country so we could throw eggs but claim it to be a sacred religious action so we can do it legally.

Then you would sue the people you hit for negligence of paying attention for flying eggs.

And sue them for them breaking the eggs with their skin.

RedPillSucks 31

Is that the best you Brits can do? Once I was walking with my friend past a bank in NYC. There was quite a scene with people running about and cops all over. We thought they were filming a movie cause there were crowds of people just watching. Turns out the bank was actually being robbed. Only in America is mayhem a spectator sport.

Take a joke! You Brits have no sense of humor. We wanted our own country to escape the power hungry king, not because of flying eggs. Why be so defensive?

-48 most of the people on sickipedia are brits


Lol. You deserve it for not being American, dammit!

Iknoweverything 29

Comments like yours are one of the reasons people in other countries look at Americans as arrogant. Please STFU.

Sorry, but there's no getting around the fact Americans ARE arrogant.

I'm an american and I take offence of that.

That's nice.

Not all of us.

Scrambled or fried?

helloimmia 4

fertilized (;

Hard boiled :)

JuanStar 0

No sunny side ups in this case :P

Did they yell for the queen?

cmbfml 0

Drive thru breakfast English style?

Drive by breakfast?

mabusoden 0

Just need and english muffin, then your breakfast is complete

googlefrewdnoob 0

Strange, I've never Eaten an english muffin, although I suppose any muffin made over here is an english muffin.... But what Amerika doesnt Know is that BBC contains mind Control Signals AMD our muffins, poison. .... Damnit i shouldnt have Said that.

hotPinklipstick 24

That is eggsactly what she was afraid of happening, I hope you eggsplain to her that that is not normal and she has nothing to get eggcited about. gay, I know...

Why is it "gay"?

The puns...

What an eggstravagent assortment of puns.

leadman1989 15

Because they were FABULOUS!

That's so funny!

54- please don't post two comments in a row. please, I'm b*egg*ing you.

You really cracked these egg puns(yokes?).

perdix 29

By American standards, that is friendly and peaceful. Here, you'd get pelted with bullets.

That would be unfortunate.

paramor3 23

You took the words right out of my mouth. Lol

In England all they have are drive-arguments. And apparently drive-by omelets.

Haha the reality of that made me lol.


America! Fuck yeah...

Stop commenting about your "pro-america" pride. It's very unpopular, and make's you look like a closet-minded moron, And make's us americans look like total backward's slacked-jawed natiolalist yokels. SMDFH.

paramor3 23

That movie is freaking hilarious....*here to save the mother effin day yeah...america f* yeah!* LOL

Yes how dare he take pride in his country

It's always cold/raining and people pelt eggs at you how inviting

At least we're not upside down.'s not cold or raining now? I just checked.

Well at least you now have something to put on your original nooks and crannies.