By Judiee - United States
Today, I was introduced to my boyfriend's family at their family reunion for the first time. As I sat on the couch, his 4-year old sister comes in and jumps onto my lap. For a moment I was happy to think his sister liked me, only to hear her say "You're fat! I like fat things." FML
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By  Megan_fml  |  0

that sucks. same thing kinda happened to me, but for me I showed my 6 year old cousin a picture of my boyfriend and she covered it and says he;s fat, i dont like fat guys.

By  Melody_fml  |  0

ummmm shes 4. she doesnt know any better. when kids are that young they dont realize what they say could be bad. maybe the comment is shallow, but she doesnt see it that way.

By  beililee  |  0

You really need to remember that she's FOUR years old. She doesn't have a filter. At least she likes you, though you may view as being for the wrong reasons, but as you said, it was the first time any of his family was meeting you. It takes time to build relationships with people so breathe honey. If your boyfriend likes you, then his family will probably follow suit the more they get to know you.