By Anonymous - 25/10/2015 13:13 - United States - Crawfordville

Today, I was intently watching my odometer to see it change from 99,999 to 100,000 when I ran into the back of another vehicle. FML
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IAmzephyr 22

should've been watching the road.

Eyes on the road, OP


IAmzephyr 22

should've been watching the road.

Abhimanyu 14

Humanity will never fail to amuse us.

The worst part is its Florida, aren't we already made fun of enough without this sorta shit happening??

At least you're not New Jersey

Thanks captain obvious.

Yall and Texas, it seems

That was a really Focussing task there! Great job!

Pay attention to what's important, next time.

A07 48

That's exactly what OP was doing, 100,000 is a huge milestone

Now you will always remember what you were doing when your car hit the 100k milestone.

Hopefully your car isn't to damaged and can make it to the next big one 123,456 miles

Eyes on the road, OP

Ohh..almost caught!

IAmzephyr 22

they rear ended a car... in what way is that "almost"?

take a picture while parked and move on. not worth risking your life!

interestingly enough, his odometer doesn't move while parked!

PrimeUnit000 11

The odometer keeps ticking while the vehicle is stopped as long as the engine is running...

JustinJK 21

No it doesn't? How would an odometer record distance if the car isn't moving.

Just pull a Ferris Bueller.

You have an interesting odometer... unique in the automotive industry where the odometer is the LEGAL basis for determining a vehicle's mileage... NOT "stoppage."

PrimeUnit000 11

The odometer doesn't measure how far you drive it measures how far your engine has been running. Even stopped, the odometer still ticks up but super slowly because the engine is still running and thus still being measured. Test it out. Leave your car running but not moving for a few minutes and you will find the odometer still moving.

That is total bs. Of course it measures how far the car has been driven. How can you measure how "far" an engine has been running LOL. Hope no one wastes the gas "testing" that. I think that comment of yours deserves its own FML

It's as if this person doesn't even know what the odometer is... It's the little thing with the rotating (or digital) numbers that measure how far your vehicle has traveled, not how long the engine has been running. Rpm is not the same thing as speed so running the odometer directly off the engine would just be idiotic.

mds9986 24

Just to add to 89, A digital odometer runs off of input from the transmission. A saw toothed gear/wheel generates a pulse to the odometer each time it turns a certain amount. Each pulse translates into a certain distance traveled. Therefore, no input from the transmission =no movement of the car = no output from the odometer.

orimeunit. no... it doesn't.

82 are you dense? The odometer tells you the distance the care has been moved. Shit just Google what it does the first thing that comes up is "An odometer or odograph is an instrument that indicates distance traveled by a vehicle, such as a bicycle or automobile. The device may be electronic, mechanical, or a combination of the two." see? DISTANCE OF VEHICLE not distance the engine has ran or whatever the hell you tried saying.

Shoulda been watching the ododriver

ColonelCusswords 24

That was beautiful

That's almost as stupid as texting while driving.

ColonelCusswords 24

Texting and driving is way more distracting. I think the op was just pushing her head into the dash or something

Either way, it's stupid

Pushing your head into the dash sounds pretty distracting.

You deserve it. But I would be lying if I said I've not done similar. Managed not to crash though.

You should always watch the road, so you kinda deserve this. In saying that, I'd be temped to watch it tick over too.