By propose_you_freakin_coward - 27/09/2013 12:51 - Singapore - Singapore

Today, I was insulted and harassed by my sister and her boyfriend, all because I proposed yesterday. They were angry I might get married before they did. They have known each other since primary school; I met my fiancée earlier this year. FML
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I guess for some people, love is a competition after all...

Really? Some people need to grow up and learn to be happy for one another. Especially family.


I guess for some people, love is a competition after all...

"I met my fiancee earlier this year. We got married monthes later. They got married five years after".

What are you trying to say #12? That you agree with the sister for being upset because they've known each other longer?

Well, if I were you OP, I'd throw it right back at your sisters bf and ask him why he still hasn't proposed, except probably with more color and a little Ebonics thrown in the mix. But, that's just me :)

i seriously had to double read #12 comment to understand it

threer 30

I still don't understand it.

56 If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.

Couple who try to look better than others usually end up alone!! And your sister deserves to get smacked in the face with a chair.

Really? Some people need to grow up and learn to be happy for one another. Especially family.

MattOnFML 13

Yeah I've never understood jealousy over marriage. Just be happy instead of thinking the world revolves around you.

Yep. My fiancé and I had been engaged and planning our wedding for over a year and my parents had graciously offered to help us pay for some of it. My older sister and her boyfriend decided to get engaged at the beginning of spring right before my wedding after dating for 3 months. She then decided that she was going to get married the same summer as me and was livid when my parents wouldn't pay for some of her wedding too unless she had it the following year. According to her it was completely unfair because she's older. Long story short, siblings can be complete nutters when it comes to stuff like this. I feel for you OP.

sezual 15

You are completely right. My husband's sister was a divorcée when we got engaged. She decided the best time to announce her new engagement was the morning of our wedding! Apparently they had been engaged for months but wanted to wait until that day so "we could share the spot light"

family is sometimes the first ones to be the most unhappy for you

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Jealous sister much? You keep being happy, OP! Don't let them take away from your special moment! You don't see me getting mad about people getting married before me. At this rate, who knows if I'll find someone who wants to marry me... >___>

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Awl, I think my husky would love to marry you. He has a thing for talking dogs in hats and monocles. I don't think think Pennsylvania allows gay K9 marriages to happen though.. There's no need to rush into marriage. You're just setting yourself up for failure. If you jump into something you're not 100% positive about you shouldn't do it. You may miss out on that one significant other that makes you feel the way every marriage should. Good luck, OP, and good luck to you kind Sir.

You'll find someone! :-)

#3: Come now. You look like a gentile fellow what with your monocle and bowler hat. One day you'll meet your fancy French poodle; you just need patience. :)

#3, it's a shame when youre jealous of someone whose "L" is "F'd". Make your own post?

49: What the HELL are you talking about?

I'll marry you.

All is fair in love and war.

That doesn't apply here, you fucking twit.

Nice touch at the end. Still laughing. Well done, 32!

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ya kind of harsh dont need to be a bastard....ya....hows that feel?

It feels like you don't know how to put together a coherent comeback, dipshit.

This is quickly becoming the best thread I've ever read!

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

U must have an empty, sad life to where you have nothing better to do than soak in bitterness and find comfort in the insults you dish out to others. I hope you feel like you accomplished everything needed for today.

jojimugo 20

Sorry #89 that's how the FML community works, you come up with a dipshit comment people call you on it.

dreamsneverfall 8

#89 I am still attempting to adjust to your typing. I feel the need to correct your "U" and "Ya", but you switched to proper grammar/spelling by the end of your comments. Not okay, either be a bad typer with good comments, or a good typer with shitty comments. There is no in between. You must pick a side.

Soak in bitterness... Good idea. I'll go draw a bath right now. Attention everyone, a sense of humour coupled with a mild to low tolerance for stupidity is apparently the eighth deadly sin.

threer 30

Fucking OP.. Getting married before me and Axipiter...

tbabyfosho 7

All is fair in love, war, AND FML. Thats just what happens here harsh comments, with witty comebacks, and offensive words.

Well it's not like they can stop you

They're just jealous of your courage right now. One day, one of them will propose and it will all end happily.

DoubleDie7 7

Don't be affected by what they say, if they arent getting married thats their problem, just be happy you've found someone right for you ! :)

flashback.miss 28

ugh, they sound too immature to consider marriage. congratulations, OP

Harass all she wants, you have an impending wedding to plan and she's too little of a concern to bother with. Also, hello from Singapore :D

Don't let them ruin it! Marry whenever you feel right, it's not about them :)