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  Aethyn  |  2

It not actually. Many people associate certain features a person has with behaviours. It's a psychological thing that nearly everyone does, but I guess not everyone is aware of it.

  niallo  |  23

I have to agree. I was on jury duty and was in the jury pool. Knowing next to nothing about the case, I took one look at the guy and thought GUILTY (I wasn't called to serve). It does happen, and there's nothing you can do about it.

  Danne696  |  14

There's also an opposite to it called the "halo effect". It is the fact that most people associate people that are good looking with a number of different good characteristics.

  sandormatyi  |  25

i wouldn't call it stupid, it's a shortcut our brain does to be able to react quicker in possibly dangerous situations and it has helped us to be the dominant race we are today. it's like calling the replication mechanism of viruses or the teeth structure of sharks 'stupid'.

  Cass_x  |  22

Still not the same. You looked sad to some people because you didn't wear any make up, and they were probably used to see you with make up. The OP was called untrustworty by someone because of how her face is shaped.. Not the same situation imo

  Enslaved  |  36

That's not necessary true. I usually wear just eyeliner on my top lid only and a light pink lip gloss. And if I don't wear those 2 simple things, I've had people ask me if I'm sick?


@33 Why? I hate when people try to act high and mighty based on how much/little makeup they wear. It literally doesn't affect anyone else but the person wearing it, so trying to police others' appearances is ridiculous. Half the fun of makeup is the ability to do whatever you want to your appearance.

  reneetlovesyou  |  30

It's statistically proven that people with more symmetrical features are more "beautiful" and people deemed attractive are viewed by others as more approachable or trustworthy.


It could also just be an accident. Sometimes when I'm scrolling I accidentally brush on Ydi when I really meant to press fml. The options are just so close together especially if you have big fingers.