By DJ Clitter - United States
Today, I was in the car with my daughter, when I narrowly missed hitting a car after running a stop sign. After she screamed at me and demanded to know what I was doing, I had to admit that I'd been daydreaming about David Bowie. FML
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  Fml_FTW228  |  10

Guys, guys, guys! You're all missing the point! The reason it is an FML because her DAD had to admit to his daughter that he was daydreaming about David Bowie... ANOTHER GUY!!

  FerdieJ  |  3

Did you mean 'like 80% of all drivers'? It's not just me that thinks no one can drive right? I mean, it aint that hard, you point in the right direction, put your foot on the gas and let other people know what you're doing. Right?


Bowie is male, but he was so avante-garde in his art and style that he was purely genderless in face. you cant blame ANYONE for fantasizing. besides, who said OP was dreaming of sex? he could have been reminiscing on a drug induced haze he was in at a concert.