By soonaked - United States
Today, I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower. I took all of my clothes off, and stepped into the shower facing the knobs. When I turned around, I saw somebody standing in there with me. Apparently, my little brother and his friend were playing hide and seek, and I found his friend. FML
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  Sonfang  |  19

wow! that sucks. op I'm sorry that you got peeped at, but on the bright side you have learned a valuable lesson; Always look before you leap! =^_^= have a good day!

  DJ1191  |  0

Are you kidding? I have a friend with a 19 year old sister and I'm calling to see if we can go over to his parents house and play hide and seek, I'm 27.

By  SweetestSin  |  4

#7 if they are playing hide and seek at 15 there is a problem lol

this is why i turn water on before stepping into the shower this way i can look into the shower before hand and see that nothing is there so there wont be any surprises

  Reutan  |  0

Maybe a better point is that if you can't spot a 15 year old in your bathroom, you need to get your eyesight checked or you have a rather spacious/easy to hide in bathroom. They (15 year olds) tend to be a bit larger than 7 year olds.

  StanBVB  |  10

I don't like to waste hot water when others in my house want to shower. I get naked, then turn the water on, and hold my hand under it until it's hot enough, then get in.