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Today, I was in school and spotted my girlfriend in the hallway. I wanted to be all romantic and grab her like guys do in movies. I grabbed her wrist forcefully and pulled her out of the crowd. As I quickly leaned in to kiss her I broke her nose. FML
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HAHA. Fail. At least you were TRYING to do something sweet... I bet she would rather you didn't now.. You better do something extra romantic to make up for that, that doesn't involve hurting her.....

that's sounds more like a wrestling move than a romantic move.


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i think you meant ''dumb''. way to go, zorro. how romantic. don't you know shit in the movies is fake?

And no, I meant dick. as in, he's being a dick.

AngryNinja 1

ahh, shadow, win. broke some random chick's nose. and then the girlfriend appears to her (ex)boyfriend kissing some chick with blood flowing out of her nose. XD

"Uhh I can explain... I was giving her uhhh, CPR?"

you're probably terrible in bed, cocksucker.

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That's exactly what I thought it was gonna say dude

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that's where I thought it was going #20

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Yeah, show that dirty girl how much you like it rough! Make her scream. Oh wait, you broke her nose. Sucks to be youuu silly moose!

I love breaking bitchs wrist to keep them in life

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* Slowly waits for 164's modderation * -.- IF I wouldve posted that Sirin. OO GIRL, you better reply (:

sirin not coming just took a dump on her. she likes it like that

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shadow_kissed , your hair is really cool!

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did you punch her in the stomach or tell her she's fat while in the moment?

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Join UFC, because apparently even your moves of affection are lethal..

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Chuck Norris's testicles dont produce sperm, they produce tiny white ninjas whose soul(sole?) purpose is to SEEK

OP u dnt try things in the movies..bc u dnt get paid for it so u embrase urself

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Either your an agressive kisser or she has a soft nose.

ha that's why you sneak up behind her and wrap your arms around her waist like I do XD grabbing her wrist crowded = fail ydi

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awsomeness, settofail listens to lamb of god. am i right?? ../,

YTDI for watching those movies, let alone trying to imitate them~

I have had many moments like this, but never broke my girlfriends nose. she's either gotten hurt because I step on her toes or pull her hair. be more cautious and don't listen to the people here that tell you wayto go zorro and what not because they're jealous that you have something special.

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I think the point is that it looked like he was beating her, you less intelligent life forms o' mine.

how abt act like a normal guy instead of one from the movie?? and making sure what's gonna happen !!! now you gotta pay for her nose job. great job Steven!!!

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shadow_kissed I love your hair :D

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shadow did some one dump a slushy on ur head?

169 your a dick. She clearly has the most awesome hair I've ever seen. op fhl not yours she's the one with the ****** up wrist and broken nose. Op you're retarded.

HAHA. Fail. At least you were TRYING to do something sweet... I bet she would rather you didn't now.. You better do something extra romantic to make up for that, that doesn't involve hurting her.....

lol it'll probably be dancing....ohhh god. he'll step on her feet. maybe you should talk the romantics slow OP.

I dought it, she was jus standin there and he just comes and headbutts her, breaking her nose. maybe if he had broken his nose too. maybe it was a comedy movie?

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Romance fail :] Don't try to imitate movies. Unless it's a porno, that's another story...

soo romantic. in a Chris Brown kind of way...

#10 u look like you're twelve years old what are u talking about imitating pornos. tsk tsk

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#29 I'm 13. I'm a very corrupted, twisted child :]

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Wait, 14 year olds aren't supposed to know about ****? *Uh yeah operator? Can I get my childhood back?*

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whats ****... is it a type of cookie? I like cookies.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Sure, Sara..... it's a type of cookie. It tastes best covered in chocolate and whipped cream.

Ajjas013 6

xD Whipped Cream! Is it like eclairs? Eclairs are delicious. But they always **** on my face :(

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Yep. You just have to squeeze real good to get the whipped cream ;]

Ajjas013 6

To get it all over your face :) It's like a tasty pimple.

Mermaid song Your picture is demonic, I think at least

stupid iPod screwing up my comments anyway ajjas and mermaidsong = win Sara....I don't even know

lol I wasn't my iPod is screwing up my comments. -_-

oh, ok then. because I was about to say mermaid is teh shit dude.

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Nonsense. According to ED, anyone who uses "amirite" is wrong. I am not jealous, nor will I ever be, of this tiny network of kids that role-play in the comments. You guys stray far from the FML itself and make this your own Facebook page. It's degrading to read.

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Then why the hell are you on FML, and why the hell do you attack Ajjas any chance you get? Like it or not, we like to comment and joke around. Deal with it.

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ummm, alotnof people know about ****?! I know someone, (actuly two people) who've watched ****..(don't ask why) I don't know why. but yeahh...haha. ohh an smoooth move(; hahaha.

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I knew about **** when I was 10. Ahh, I miss Jose. We used to watch it all the time.

spoozie. either u only know two people OR everyone lied to u -_- hmmm which is more likely (>.<) SOOO HARD TO THINK......-_- I give up Ima just say everyone lies to u T_T

Porno is the best for all ages wat are you talking about

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ehh, no they wernt..the pe teacher knows and teachers at the school 0_o but igive up on this whole shizz. ha, give the whole **** chizz up people, I don't want fightsss(:

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yeah wat? and pornos ******* rock

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shackersss!:D haha, this is spoozies bestieee(: I'm the one who wrote those comments up there ^ hehe. sorry for peeps being confused. hahahahah.

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when I was 13 I had no idea about the whppied cream part D;

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