By macattack - 02/09/2011 02:29 - United States

Today, I was in my car with my window down at a red light. Outside, a sweet old lady was sitting on a bench with her dog sleeping next to her. I yelled out the window to tell her how cute her dog was. She replied, "He's dead" and cried. FML
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It's kinda weird that a little old lady is just sitting around with her dead dog

Awh. That's sad. :/


Awh. That's sad. :/

That sucks OP. :( I feel sorry for the old lady.

I think it's kind of creepy. Sitting with a dead pet at home is fine, but in public on a bench? That's just weird. FYL.

Dang, you had to stop at a red light.

Well, yeah. It is kinda creepy . Lol,

She's next after the Dog LOL.

Dead puppies aren't much fun. They don't come when you call. They don't chase squirrels at all. Dead puppies aren't much fun. - hilarious song

She's joking old people love to pull young people's legs.

But how would she get the dog to play along

What a very sad story! So, do you think the Gators are going to win their season opener?

thats an awful thing to say

Thank you, No. 9 that is exactly what I was thinking. Why on earth was the old woman sitting on a bench in public beside the corpse of her dog? That is just fucked up, plain and simple.

It's kinda weird that a little old lady is just sitting around with her dead dog

I know right o_0

Probably heading to the pet cemetery... ?!

Well she's obviously going to get there by sitting on a bench

probably waiting for a bus to get there...

#2 totally said what I was thinking

Maybe she was taking the dog for one last walk/drag

That's what I was gonna say. But 18 is probably right.

She's probably lonely and doesn't have anyone besides the dog.

34- that is an interesting movie.

Take it to a Chinese restaurant...

Awh! The dog might have been all she has. I'm crying...

What if her dog JUST died...

I like cheese k, bye.

Well it was a sweet gesture (:

This makes me sad :(

You killed her dog by yelling OP. You gave the poor animal a heart attack! D:

That's not even funny a little bit.

I accidentally gave a thumbs up so can 2 people give a thumbs down. But anyways your not even close to funny.

I chuckled a bit... Does that make me a bad persin?

No it makes u a person who can't spell

No just... No

Screw all these other idiots that's hilarious lmfao

you just got punkd


Aww.. The poor woman :( It's not your fault though. I guess it could be hard to tell from a distance that the dog wasn't breathing..

fuck biggie he shot 2pac! my nigger

Aww, the poor lady. I lost a dog before. Was sad for a long time.. :( That can be tough.