By Zak - United States
Today, I was in an audition for a production at this theater in town. The directors at the table loved my audition. One of them said "I'd love to talk to you about coming to TCU." I said "Oh, yeah! I know Harry Parker at TCU who runs the theater department." I said this to Harry Parker. FML
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He lied about knowing someone saying he knew somebody important hoping it would better his chances of getting in. The person he lied about knowing was the person he was speaking to. Made
Him look like a total ass.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Lol. Suck it name-dropper!

I hate people who try to sound impressive by automatically saying "Oh yea, I know them" or "I know such and such" when they so obviously don't.

By  jaayyxnell  |  0

NBD, just be like oh there must be two Harry Parkers. (;
Its a commen name so you shoudn't make too big of a deal of it.
Plus, if they really did ' love ' your audition, thats gonna
be more important when choosing a role than your
pathetic attemptive at name dropping. (: