By omgomgomg - United Kingdom
Today, I was in a rush and had to get changed in a train restroom. While changing, I leaned against the button that opened the door. Not only do train toilet doors open and close very slowly, leaving you half naked for a few seconds, but everyone in the carriage opposite can see clearly. FML
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  Nutty4Muffs  |  3

I've done it. It's really not so bad. just gotta be quick about it. Really neat on those Amtrak trains where the whole bottom floor is for loading/unloading and toilets. Ingenious design, I'd say!

  NinaTatianna  |  9

Alright. yeah I mean, in a bathroom you can't be charged for indecent exposure but any suspicion of doing it around minors may tack on a sex offense charge to your record. gotta be smart... and by the way, #40... no. incase you weren't aware, urges arent necessarily sexual....people are urged to do all kinds of things. An extreme example would be rape and murder... if we didnt control our urges and people just ran around doing whatever the hell they felt like it actually would NOT be a happy place....

  Lanceeden  |  12

Ok totally out of context here but wouldn't it be awesome if on airplanes they had toilets that had big viewing windows on the walls so you could see everything while you're taking a piss?

  flockz  |  19

no fuck this you guys are thinking way too complicated. get this.

a flying toilet with a open bottom!! talk about feeling the breeze between your knees with that. i can just see it now.....

ok be right back gonna take a shit.

By  DocBastard  |  38

If you ever think of joining the Mile High Club, I highly suggest you reconsider. If you think train bathrooms are small, you'd never be able to navigate a plane lavatory while getting boned.

  DocBastard  |  38

Zaxl- it's "you're", and yes I am. Why would you want to know the patient's name?

I obviously can't tell you, but it rhymes with "Tevery1luvsboners".


One morning while doing my nude yoga squats someone slipped a bottle under my arse as a joke and it disappeared. Thanks to Doc's swift hand and a plunger everything came out okay. I still have it on my mantle; it's a great conversational piece.

  flockz  |  19

hey now. i don't enjoy being called a "plunger". i can't believe with all the shit i went through that you would just completely degrade me like that.