By Roode - 22/07/2011 17:36 - United States

Today, I was in a pool locker room, surrounded by semi-naked people. While changing into my clothes, I accidentally pushed a button on my phone, causing it to make the loud, unmistakable camera shutter sound effect. Everyone definitely heard it. FML
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imagine explaining that one. awkward

You should have winked at them ;)


imagine explaining that one. awkward

You can say you had a surprise... no that's even worse

Did someone pose for you?

What are you gonna do with the photo?

mail it to his mom with a redeemed starbucks gift card. that should make her day.

12 more like gayggity

Oooh, have fun explaining that one:/ sorry OP!

Was the picture of a guy and his grandpa with matching birthmarks on their penises?

was it an iPhone? they make the noise a pervert would make when taking pictures.

LOL 50 definitely wins!

o is a west Virginian

well shit my ipod messed up. what I was sayin was op is a west virginian so it explains a lot.

Lol I love when people make references to other fml's

LOL! Oh shit.. "I swear I'm not gay guyz.. but I'm gonna keep the picture anyway...." *jerks the gherkin*

Oops. Wrong comment.

It's ok!! I'm sure people in the pool locker room "accidentally" take pics of you being half naked all the time... >.>

op should have acted like they got a text, some people have randomass sounds for text alerts

Something like that happened to me except it wasn't my phone. The guy next to me had his phone out and the shutter sound went off and he blamed it on me.

yeah because only people in WV own cell phones or go go gyms.. seriously dumb ass

How does it happen to switch to camera mode and then take a picture? Most phones I see don't take pictures instantly.

he could have accidentally pushed the button twice. that happens, ya know

if you push the two buttons on the iPhone at the same time it'll take a pic of what's on your screen so it might not have been a bad phone

I always take pictures on accident...

I constantly take pictures on accident. I look in my pics and see one of the floor or of my pocket. My camera no longer works though. D:

A lot of phones have a little button on the side that you can press if you want to take a photo without going through the screen menu.

my phone pushes buttons by itself. I've picked it up and it's been on camera mode.

accident? I think not.

33 and 34, it's by accident not on accident... I'm 11 and I know this.

fyl for being an 11 y.o grammar nazi. finish school.

105 Nobody cares. I hate when kids are like HUR HUR I'M 11 AND EVEN I KNOW THIS. Shut up and go read a book.

105- If you're so smart, you would know that when quoting something, you need quotation marks. Here's what your "correction" of the other people should have read: "33 and 34- it's "by accident" not "on accident". I'm 11 and I know this." Go back to school, you have some learning to do before you can be a Grammar Nazi.

I meant "become" and not "be". 0-0 Oops.

2- My blackberry has two side buttons one of which is the camera button. Random pictures get taken very easily.

most smart phones will take a picture just by clicking the screen when in camera mode.

117- actually. when using quotations inside of another quotation you don't use two marks so it should be like this "It's 'by accident' not 'on accident' I'm 11 and I know that.

105- Take a look at your profile and count how many mistakes YOU have made. Take a look at yourself before you bitch about what others are doing. Grow up. Punk.

105, You probably had your mom spell it for you.

0-0 Well, I was close I guess. Haha. Thank-you for not being rude about my error. I've actually always wondered when to use one or two quotation marks. I learn something new everyday. :)

lmao takin nudes!?

Hah, "Accidentally". Quit lying you horny bastard.

dude it was a joke im not a horny bastard I'm effin 12.

I'm pretty sure 51 was referring to the OP, and what is a twelve year old doing on FML? gtfo kid.

62- I was talking about OP. I guess you also can't tell what sarcasm is either.

sort of hard to tell sarcasm is on the Internet since you can't hear the tone and ally's profile doesn't give her age

I would say most people could tell my first comment is sarcasm. And the girl said she was twelve herself. may be 12 but I'm assuming you're not stupid. now make me a sammich.

85- She said she was twelve . . .

next time play along with it and see the reactions you get

hahaha that must have been a great moment ha

#4 your picture disgusts me, get a job you penniless hippie

agreed 76. hippie boy needs to just crawl under a rock or become a real man. semper fi

Penniless?? As in the coin??

I LOVE US Marines!

**I LOVE U.S. Marines!** thought I would specify.

I would've snapped a picture then blasted "I'm sprung" by t-pain and "trapped on a closet" parts 1,2 and 3 (but not four, never four) on my phone

I really hope there isn't a next time... just sayin'.

I really hope there isn't a next time... just sayin'.

76- you're my hero for saying that comment.

#76 & 82, ur jst jeaslous u dont have his body so screw off!

eh he may have a "nice body" but he looks like he's got a vagina as well, you facebook and myspace whores are going to be the downfall of this society so get off me day-walking fire breathing redhead

I got shit to do other than staring at a mirror and consistently trying to have perfect abs like faggots like you

must have had something hateful and ultimately unimportant to say?

actually I have a better body. but i don't go around lifting my shirt to try and impress. I have a little more self respect than someone who thinks since they have a high metabolism they look shit hot.

outlawed, you need to do some pushups, drink some makers, and run a few laps, it'll put hair on your chest, and that's something you can write home about, squirrelmaster, mad respect to you for fighting for the country

that's when you blame the person next to you's phone.

unless he's the only one holding a phone..

shove you phone into the person next to yous hands,slap him and then scream at him for taking pictures of your private parts

Facebook time!

discovery channel depending on what the people looked like

or animal planet

You should have winked at them ;)

good idea ;) I'll remember to add that next time I go into the locker room for a photo shoot. spicy!

hahahahahahahaha that's hilarious. sorry OP. but I can't help but laugh. good luck explaining that one!

hahaha, is your name seriously Jenna Mason, or are you just a fake?

Is your name really Ariellee Mariee

What's so fake about the name Jenna Mason?

What's so fake about the name Jenna Mason?

I dunno but I love ur pic

Accidentally? Mmhmm, keep telling yourself that.

i hate semi naked people in change rooms!! I always use a change room..

would have been awkward being in the ladies room seeing as how he's a guy

I thought I replied to 15 but I guess not...