By Allen - 05/01/2010 06:40 - France

Today, I was in a hurry to catch a plane. I got halfway to the airport and realized I forgot my phone. I drove back to the house and searched for it. I finally gave up and returned to the airport only to find that I was 10 minutes late for my plane. Just then my pocket vibrated. FML
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Wait, you didn't check your pocket? :s

So you never check your pockets when you can't find something? YDI


MissSmiley613 0

Ouch, that sucks. Maybe try calling it before going home next time:)

call it with what?

phreshboi 1

well I guess that's a reason for not having cells so small and light

i wish i had a vibrating pocket

Wait, you didn't check your pocket? :s

yDane 0

Apparently not. WALK. OF. SHAME.

So you never check your pockets when you can't find something? YDI

Reyo 2

This.^^ It's when something ISN'T in my pockets that I start freaking out, and not a moment sooner.

BaGu_fml 0

That was just stupid. I hope this is fake.

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you're stupid =) just like your reflection allen =) thanks for being late =)

i call bs on this, but then so many fmls sound completely fake

Horde 8

Who cares if it's fake? Only the amusement value matters :]

Horde, I second that

Dumbass. You deserve it. Next time stop getting yourself into a state (because otherwise you wouldn't have missed it in your pocket) and calm down, take a deep breath and check your pockets and all the obvious places it would be.

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you're an idiot. who doesn't check their pockets when they've lost something?

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It's always in the last place you think to look mwahaha. However that doesn't erase the fact that the OP is a dumbass.