By Username / Tuesday 2 August 2011 04:43 / Australia
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  pertained  |  12

Its pretty British. This little hat like thing you put on teapots but then, I think most Americans don't actually have teapots.

  PopRocks14  |  0

Well, YDI for not doing it!! *waits for idiots to think im serious*

  joooeee  |  3

34, just you. Everyone else already knew that

  ryanst  |  7

Hmm putting "FML team" on your profile ruins the surprise for trolls when they say "Oh yeah, Sirin? What can you do about it, it's not like you're a moderator or anything." Although it does let me know who I shouldn't piss off..

By  Justforlolz  |  13

You probably should have did it...

By  regsworld11  |  2

I wonder what he wanted you to do?!

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