By Unwanted - 10/06/2010 12:54 - Australia

Today, I was in a car with my house-mate and friends after a long day of studying, when we pulled up at our place. Thinking that we were all going to hang there, I waited for everyone to start getting out. No one did. Turns out they were just waiting for me to get out so they could then leave and go out together. FML
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LifeSucks102 0

that's a shame. I guess you know who your real friends are now.


omg thats lame..

oh geez. I'm sorry OP. 1, I love your picture. XD Those comics are hysterical.

OP, I suggest you become cooler

missmurderx 8

ah number one you stole me word >xD lol, I say that alllll the time(: oh btw; dearest op; I feel really bad for you; that's awful. ]:

MissRachieee 3

Who's car is it?

idiot get out hurry the fuck up

bastards keep modding my comments.

18- damn you are hot. Nice pic.

megamandude455 10

uuuhhh 35, I can tell you have issues.

46 WTF r you talking about his comments really are getting modded and his makeup is awesome OP that sucks like your grandma on 46's testicles

missrachieee I'm usualy not the type of asshole to tell a girl she's hot thru the Internet,but damn your hot,I had to say that

rockera 0

how is that lame? op get better friends

bonicr 0

XFD 53! Tokio is a girl... Sorry Tokio, but you have to admit it's funny since 53's genuinely trying to defend you. Unless he actually knows in which case is kind of ****ed up but still sort of funny.

53- Lolololololololol! I'm a girl. :D But thank you so much for liking my makeup. Your comment just made my day! 68- It was awesome! that's the greatest thing that's been on fml since forever. :p

raymel 5

poor you :/ sorry op! and tokiyo you'd think ppl would know your a girl by now. it only comes up in every post you comment on p.s love the make up have you wet on tour yet?

76- You'd think haha. and thanks. :D I still got a few years before a band would hire me haha.

you deserve to be hired. you're good. I wanna be Jack skellington for Halloween, can you Hook me up? lol.

92- you bet your ass I can! XD

Notjustanother1 0

is it me or am I the only one that thinks these are fake because we ask op questions and yet op never answers or has anyone ever had op answer a ? and has anyone here have or known someone that has posted an fml ????

18 you look like a 14-year-old slut in training. take off those 3 pushup bras and respect yourself. It's not cool to look like an underage bimbo hooters waitress, despite what your horny friends may tell you. You are damn beautiful, and modesty would make you even more so. Just saying.

missmurderx 8

I love your name! lol :P your dress is really cute too btw. forever 21?

#16 Haha, thanks! I like your name too. :) Nope, I got it at ModCloth.

2 You have posted a lot of different pics and I think I like this one the best although it's almost a tie with the one of you standing sideways. Awe hell you look good in all your pics.

#31 Aww, thanks so much! That means a lot, especially since I get a lot of negative comments. That's why I change my picture so often. :P

Nerdsgetmehot- I tell you how beautiful you are all the time. People are crazy if they talk mean abu

oops . people are mean if they talk bad about you.

Thanks, man! I appreciate it :)

The_good_times 0

lol, NERDS GET ME HOT. Seriously? And again with commenting on people's pictures, this is not facebook, it's FML, Scrolling through all the idiotic posts where people give attention to attention whores is really tiresome. I mean why does anyone think a girl would put up a picture with herself and use a name like nerdsgetmehot if not for getting attention from all the nerds.

The_good_times 0

same goes for #27, why do you people feel the need to complement other people on FML, posts like "you're sooo hot" just don't make any sense whatsoever, you do realize that they might not even be the ones in the pictures right? for all I know they might be 40 year old men or fat ugly chicks with pics off the internet. So why the f*ck would you complement people on a site where you don't really know any of them face to face or even personally.

#42 There are plenty more girls you can pick on...At least I'm not showing my cleavage! :P

he's just mad cus un china he's food 

in* damn iPod

The_good_times 0

Uhm, is my post seeking attention? I know that I'll be viewed as a troll because "she's a hot girl so I feel a compulsive need to jump in her defense". That's the way brain mechanics seem to work for most of you. I rip on things like these because they're ANNOYING, somebody has to tell you people that this isn't facebook. I don't pick on you specifically, it's just that lately everyones going nuts with complementing boobs and obvious fake pictures and sh*t. Not saying yours is fake but some obviously are and people on here seem to actually be naive enough to believe that every girl that posts here is actually hot. And even if you would all be models, I still don't understand why they have to posts TENS AND TENS of post saying how hot #x is.

#66 I'm not meaning to seek attention and don't ask for compliments. My picture is most definitely really of me. I could change things by posting a user picture not of my face or anything, and I could change my user name...But I don't see why I should have to. If you find me offensive, you can always choose to ignore me.

The_good_times 0

OH WOW, thank you Dr. love. nerdsgetmehot, if you were seeking no attention your name would not be nerdsgetmehot. ofc that name is gonna bring you attention and I doubt you're that naive that you actually didn't know that it will.

#74 Then I really must be naive, because I honestly didn't mean to bring attention to myself via my user name. The decision of my user name was a split-second one, and obviously I didn't think it through. If it's going to cause that much of a fuss and offend you so grievously, I'll make a new account with a less offensive name.

The_good_times 0

It doesn't offend me, I'm just tired of all the tards posting on every pretty girl's picture, so because of that I indirectly linked you to some of the fault because if it wasn't for these attention seeking pics/usernames there would be less retarded posts. By you I don't mean you personally, I just mean girls that put pictures showing off their breasts, kissing girls, posing half naked etc., you're prolly the least worst, my reply just happened to be to your post because this time you were the one getting all the stupid ass comments. But yes, you really are naive if you're honestly saying that you didn't for one second realize that with a username like that and a picture of you up everyone will be checking you out. I don't believe it anyway, but I'm not gonna act like I know 100% what you were thinking, so maybe you're right, but I still find it silly and hard to believe that you didn't notice and didn't realize that until now.

#82 The inappropriateness of my user name did occur to me briefly after I'd already created the account, but I didn't really care enough to make another account. I could make another one, but it seems like it would be a lot of unnecessary work just to please one person who feels as though I'm seeking attention.

The_good_times 0

I wasn't asking you to. I was speaking more in general as I pointed out.

#84 Then I'm pretty confused as to what you're trying to gain from confronting me. You're annoyed at me, but you don't want me to change anything? Then what was the point of all this?

Yeah that's true. But man if you were it would be sweet.

Hey 84 why don't you lighten up? Nerdsgetmehot is one of the sweetest people on here judging by her posts so please give her a break.

The_good_times 0

Just cuz you asked me so nicely, I really don't care as much as some of you seem to think, just trying to make a point that this isn't facebook and if you want to check pictures of random girls on the internet just keep your opinion on their boobs to yourselves. That's it. nerdsgetmehot, I just find it strange that you're telling me you're oblivious to the attention you're getting.

#88 I'm not oblivious to the attention, all I'm saying is that I'm not asking for the attention. I don't want or need attention, and I'm not desperate for it. It's not like I'm showing cleavage or in my underwear.

pedro_mclovin 0


da650killa 4

Your hot. O shit better watch out for #88.

musicismylife is my hero. XD

bonicr 0

Goodtimes, a pretty pathetic argument wrapped up with a bow on top is still a pretty pathetic argument, you fail good sir, miserably. Before you lose your marbles a second time in the same comment page, read through your argument again in a few hours and tell me it's not pathetic.

advent2060 4

sry good times but I have to agree with musicismylife, if anyone is attempting to get attention it's you with you long winded hypocritical posts. u have gone out of your way to turn an issuse of no real importance(pretty girls like nerdsgetmehot being complemented on their good looks) into a full blown debate on how ALL girls on fml are attention seekers and ALL guys post "retarded ass comments" (to quote you) about their looks when in fact the only obvious attention seeker here is you. so plz leave nerdsgetmehot and any other girl that u label as an attention seeker alone and stop being a hypocrite.

phreshboi 1

holy shit this took up more than half the page jeez

MrCalves 1

OP better have got the f*ck out of the car then

Why did you say f*ck there just wondering because that was completely pointless.

I'm sorry as well, but hate all your friends. So rude. No need for that.

I'm sorry I guess u know who not to hang with then:(!!!

LifeSucks102 0

that's a shame. I guess you know who your real friends are now.

Who they aren't, actually

iHeartMoney 0

Get new friends "/

what kinda friends r those...good ones lol *sarcastic*

time to find better "friends" and if you were driving your car you could have told hem to get the hell out and find their own way to hang out

it's either fake or I'm retarded,they waited for hem to leave he's own car so they can go out cause they didn't wanna hang out with hem?

ok so I missread it,but it still dosnt make sense,they waited for you to leave the house so they can leave?

amberbby69 6

She was in a car with them. They all drove to the house, and OP thought they were all going to hang out there, but they were just waiting for her to get out of the car so they could leave her there and go hang out without her.

what the f**k that actually really really sad. fyl op.