By doody - 30/12/2009 22:42 - United States

Today, I was in a busy airport bathroom with my three year old son. While in the process of pulling my pants down, my son decided to open the stall door. I jumped up to yank the door closed but not before the line of waiting women saw me with my pants wrapped around my ankles. FML
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of course she locked the door, the locks are not very complicated in public bathroom stalls, three year olds can easily open them.

Why didn't you lock the door? And it's not that embarrassing - they're women too - unless your vagina is deformed or something.


There is no point in this FML. OMG! some people saw your vag, well the end of the world can only follow. Who cares. Even if you were in a unisex bathroom this isnt a big deal, your vagina isnt the first on this planet, no one cares

i say ur an idiot because thats just like mooning but with ur vag and not ur ass..........i say this is a waste of an fml post and i say u should get slapped and grow some testicles because u just showed it to hirls that have the same thing as u and not dude, and also i want u to congratulate ur son for me cuz he deserves a high five, well anyways BLAH!

If a line of ladies saw my goods, like they usually do, I wouldn't have been upset. Also, foofighters, realise that not only is growing testicles impossible, a woman growing testicles is doubly impossible!

Embarrassment is enough of an FML for me. Just because all of you guys claim you're comfortable flashing people by accident, doesn't mean everyone else is.

Why are posters on fml so easily persuaded by an obvious joke or jokes? Read it again, and tell me whether you thought I was serious. If you did, then make someone a sandwhich, if you didn't, I don't understand your post.

I wasn't talking about you. More of the vast majority of everyone here who thinks they talk for everyone. -_-

Lols i poke fun all the time, i pretty much guessed you werent talking about my comment. *dont hurt me*

Who the hell hid my comment? It wasnt even bad it was reasonable. Im sorry the poster seems to think her vag is biggest secret in the universe, its not worthy of an FML. Sorry.

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My vag is the biggest secret in the world actually, many mysteries hide in it, and if someone were to see it, they'd have to be killed.

They couldn't even really see her vagina (or vulva, rather, vagina is the inside part) unless she was leaning back with her legs spread open. so what they saw were her legs and her hairy mound and OMG, another woman, sitting on the toilet, peeing, like everyone else in that line waiting was wanting to do.

Actually this is my FML. They erased a big part of the story. It wasn't FML because the ladies saw my cootchi it was an FML because when I jumped to close the door I shat on the floor while the women where looking.

It's the fact that your comment isn't worth being shown on the FML, people aren't all alike, there are those who aren't comfortable with things such as this.

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big deal

at least they werent men

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sure embarrassing but not like it ruined you life. and anyways, you didn't lock the door?

Of course it was locked. The kid just unlocked it.

YDI for contributing to the overpopulation of the planet.

oh yah... cuz tht logic makes sense...

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Idk about overpopulation but I do think this is just something that comes with having kids. It's a package deal.

With that logic you should commit suicide. I don't agree having a kid contributes to over population. Having more than three does.

Actually, the TFR in America is only 2.0, so our population is continuing to grow at a slower rate. She's not in Africa where the TFR is really high. Experts expect the population to become stable not too long from now.

Why didn't you lock the door? And it's not that embarrassing - they're women too - unless your vagina is deformed or something.

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Very nice post. Made my day xD

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I think she locked the door and the kid unlocked it, then opened it. If not, maybe the door didn't have a locking mechanism. I've been in enough public restrooms to know that with some of them, you need to hold it to keep it shut.

of course she locked the door, the locks are not very complicated in public bathroom stalls, three year olds can easily open them.

'cept most three year olds aren't tall enough to reach the lock '~'

Um, a there are a good amount. Both my brother and I could at three.

Kids are surprisingly big at three! I don't know if it's normal at that age but my friends 2 year old is already walking around and doing stuff. She's taller than my knees give or take a little so I can't imagine how big she'll be in another year.

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Wtf this isn't that serious. And especially since it was in front of a bunch of WOMEN who will NEVER see you again. -___-

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ya its not very serious, but what fun would fml be if every fml was: today, my whole family died FML. today, i got expelled from college FML. today, i got my liscence suspended fml. today, i got aids FML. None of those are funny... except aids... its kinda funny...

yeah, it's probably even funnier when you have it.

sorry if im retarded or sumthin but when u said "Today, my whole family died. fml" made me laugh lol :O

Somehow I don't think it's the fact that her pants are down that she's worried about, I'd say it's the fact that her pants are down whilst she's in a cubicle with a 3year old child...

wouldn't the three year old have his pants up?

hurray4jmk 1

Well if its a woman in a stall with a small child.. the best bet is... ITS HER FUCKING KID! Women don't automatically think just cuz there is a kid in the stall its being molested idiot.

You didn't notice your son reaching for the lock? Those stalls aren't terribly big, it wouldn't have been far for you to lean and either grab your son or push the door back into place. Sounds like you weren't paying attention to your son... a bad idea in that kinda situation :P

oh yah... my little bro did that to me... you get over it... and #4... in what world does tht make ANY sense??

it makes sense because s/he's saying that she shouldn't have had the kid in the first place. getting to the root of the problem, #4 is.

in what world is having a kid the root of the problem? all kids do tht! it's a fact of life! why is the kid being blamed for his behavior? tht's what doesn't make sense...

the comment makes sense in the world of jokes and facetious remarks. you don't seem very familiar with that world.

yah... well, i like to live in the real world, where people like u aren't rude to innocent ppl they don't even know cuz they think a comment is stupid

waterynuggets 0

LOL LOL what color is the sky in that world?

manda why did you get hurt so easily?? i was trying to defend you before, idk in that other fml.... damn i never meant to get on your bad side lol. i didn't even realize you were the same person. so i'm sorry, but you are a little touchy. just fucking around on here........ don't want to piss you off

Seriously? Welcome to the real world. People are shit. And you're just the biggest shithead of them all for believing you're better than the rest of us.

hurray4jmk 1

You must live in your own special world.. cuz there are a lot ofpeople mean to "innocent" people you ass!