By Sodge - Australia
Today, I was impressing dinner guests by spinning my new baby in the air (something she loves), when she projectile vomited over the dinner table and the guests. My wife, who had spent three hours cooking was not impressed. Once of the guests was also a sympathy spewer. FML
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By  tick_tock  |  0

#8 I hope you are kidding because why on Earth doesn't he deserve to be a dad? He was just playing with his baby. I have pictures of my mother spinning me around in the air and it is something many parents do. Cut him some slack, honestly, at least he didn't drop her when she was vomiting.

  Bizenghastly  |  0

73- hun, while you're right that shaking baby syndrome is quite serious, I highly doubt that this "spinning" op mentions is anything near that rigorous. I'm sure it was done PLAYFULLY. that being said PPL PLEASE LEAVE YOUR BABIES UNSHAKEN!!! (prettiii pleases?) ^_^

By  I2OI3  |  0

Sympathy spewer! I love it, I've never heard that before but I know exactly what you're talking about! I can see this whole event unfolding too - hilarious, I'd expect to see something like this happen to Ben Stiller in Meet The Parents or something!!