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Today, I was hugging my girlfriend after she had a really bad day at work, when she burst into tears and started sobbing. For some reason that I'll never understand, it gave me a hard-on. She felt it, and now she thinks I'm a sick bastard. FML
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In all honesty I think it may be the closeness of the hug combined with the psychological reasoning that she really trusts you is what gave you the hard-on

This happened to me once, dicks have a mind of their own


Well, I'm sure that you had a reason, right?

Correct. One that he'll never understand.

And to nullify this most guys just think with the wrong head...

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I don't think it's that uncommon for a guy to get turned on by a woman crying, actually.

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Those damn things don't need a reason. They pop up at the most inconvenient times possible. Pretty sure they sense it... "Oh hey you're hugging your grandma? GOOD MORNING!!"

In all honesty I think it may be the closeness of the hug combined with the psychological reasoning that she really trusts you is what gave you the hard-on

My thoughts exactly! (Maybe not word for word but something like what #2 said)

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So then /not/ exactly, #7? :P

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or maybe... he is...

OP! Tell her what #2 said! Problem solved. And surprising her with something she loves (even just making her a cup of coffee/tea or something simple) will probably score some brownie points. Good luck, -Crazy girlfriend to a lovely man who gracefully puts up with my craziness.

Or maybe it was a Physical reaction to a physiological condition that was created when he was raped by a childhood priest, that causes him to be turned on by emotional pain... Just sayin...

I'm sure feeling like her protector boosted testosterone levels. As long as OP didn't ask her to touch while she was crying, that'd be a dick move (no pun intended), than it's understandable. Albeit bad timing.

If I were op I'd tell her this

This happened to me once, dicks have a mind of their own

only once? cuddleboner is almost mandatory. Ofc only with your significant other, if not family gatherings would be weird..

25 I mean I don't cuddle with any of my family to get a "cuddleboner"..... So I guess, yes, that would be extremely awkward.

I really wish more girls would understand that guys can get hard at any time for no good reason at all. Happens to the best of us.

Im just saying that sometimes, all it takes is a prolonged hug, and i dont usually cuddle with my family no. By usually i mean never.

I have heard that happen before...but I think it's a trigger due to a embrace or a sign of true love... That should clear up soon at least I hope OP

Maybe it's just a random boner that all guys get and find annoying

New pick up line for guys! "We are meant to be. I have a true love boner"

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I hope you explained to her that it was the hug and not her pain or crying that turned you on. Hopefully she'll understand and you guys can move forward :)

Could even be something other than the hug! Guys get them randomly.. Like.. I've gotten one while doing math homework. It just happens.

Was it really sexy math?

The parabola was probably the nicest curve you would've ever seen.

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well, sick bastards need lovin' too

Just tell her it was because you had to pee so bad guys you know what I mean

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Idk about most guys but I've never gotten a boner when I've had to pee..

no but you can give yourself a boner so you physically cant pee. and if you can pee when you have a boner please go see a doctor, clearly there is something wrong with your urethra and it needs to be checked out.

#46. Are you a male? From your profile it doesn't seem like it. I, along with every other male, have urinated while having a boner.

He's technically right, but you can. But you shouldn't be able too.

plus it kinda hurts.

I would agree & morning wood always reminds us to piss with our bodies at a 90 degree angle lest we hit ourselves!

I thought women's tears contained pheromones that turned men off

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On a general basis, crying is a turn off. We are hard-wired to console, regardless of who is shedding the tears. But then crying itself is surrounded by all sorts of nonsense culturally so our reactions to it are often inappropriate.

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They do. But the power of boobs is stronger. Sometimes you think one thing and your body thinks another. Ala Robin Williams and KoKo the ape.

I guess she really did have a hard day

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