By Anonymous - United States - Montgomery
  Today, I was hugging my girlfriend after she had a really bad day at work, when she burst into tears and started sobbing. For some reason that I'll never understand, it gave me a hard-on. She felt it, and now she thinks I'm a sick bastard. FML
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  Llama_Face89  |  33

Those damn things don't need a reason. They pop up at the most inconvenient times possible. Pretty sure they sense it... "Oh hey you're hugging your grandma? GOOD MORNING!!"


OP! Tell her what #2 said! Problem solved.

And surprising her with something she loves (even just making her a cup of coffee/tea or something simple) will probably score some brownie points.

Good luck,
-Crazy girlfriend to a lovely man who gracefully puts up with my craziness.

  gatorclay97  |  28

Or maybe it was a Physical reaction to a physiological condition that was created when he was raped by a childhood priest, that causes him to be turned on by emotional pain... Just sayin...

  tgmc012  |  9

I'm sure feeling like her protector boosted testosterone levels. As long as OP didn't ask her to touch while she was crying, that'd be a dick move (no pun intended), than it's understandable. Albeit bad timing.

  Dekat121  |  24

no but you can give yourself a boner so you physically cant pee. and if you can pee when you have a boner please go see a doctor, clearly there is something wrong with your urethra and it needs to be checked out.

  SheepShoop_fml  |  20

On a general basis, crying is a turn off. We are hard-wired to console, regardless of who is shedding the tears.

But then crying itself is surrounded by all sorts of nonsense culturally so our reactions to it are often inappropriate.