By itssdianaa - 29/06/2010 03:18 - United States

Today, I was home alone, and I thought I heard someone breaking in through the side gate at my house. I was terrified, so I called the police. It turned out it was the gas company checking the meter. FML
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it was actually a burgler diguised as a gas company worker. so good job

That's when you grab the twelve gauge. Well, at least, I do.


I do that ALL the time x.x

Lol, hey at least you're not one of those people that goes and checks before calling the police. :P

oh boy...I would prob do the same...after praying first :D ♥

You would pray before dialing 911?

she was probally parinoid from all of that wonderful THC in her system!

That's when you grab the twelve gauge. Well, at least, I do.

don't forget the beer in the other hand.

Beer makes me shoot straight. It's pretty much a necessity.

Some Hard Vodka is mine

#1, you call the police on the meter man all the time? Maybe you can ask them to arrange appointments or to call you before coming out.

bit paranoid are we op ? would you not be able to see their van or truck thing in your driveway ?

better to be safe not sorry not that bad op

better to be safe than sorry

ydi for not checkin

@108: Yeah, lemme just check before I call the police. Oh look its a robber I better ca-*shot in head*

95, the people who check our pipes and stuff come once every couple weeks and I always freak thinking someones breaking in.

unless it's really late at night, they're supposed to let you know

Shit! I start summer school tomarrow! I'll be back in one month :@)

Why didn't u check it out first.

if i ever feel that way I usually stare through the windows or blinds, with a weapon xD

my weapon of choice is a baseball bat

ahaha. i just grab anything sharp and/or hard

now I know to break into your house

not to break in your house*

^ with something hard for her to grab....

something hard lol haha think about it

I'll just keep in mind that when a brown cow is knocking i can answer :]

that is, if you ever find my address and town out xD

haha. I'm not a stalker so I guess you are safe from any brown cows breaking into your house

yeah, cows these days sheesh(no offence) they just keep trynna break in!!!

haha. you know what's worse then cows? unicorns

Not only do they break in, they take their horn and "break in" if you catch my drift =D

Haha xD u make me giggle like a little girl, that's pathetic of me Dx

haha. they may may seem all cute but they aren't. they steal peoples kidneys

oh yeah!! take Charlie the unicorn for example, those purple and pink ones are EVIL

yeah, they are the worst. never trust them

believe me I won't.

it was actually a burgler diguised as a gas company worker. so good job

lOl, do u just have the answer for everything?

As a matter of fact, yes I do.

haha, goood. so what's tommarow looking like?

i don't know for sure, but I'm gonna say sunny

yea that sounds accurate, it is summer time.(:

where I live it is sunny everyday and it's over 100 degrees

Holy fuck, that suckss. latelyy it's been hot alllll day, literally. i'm in Sacramento,

oh yeaa, dry heat. ehh

Sorry to butt in y'alls convo, but I prefer dry heat over humid heat. It feels so nasty outside in Texas.

yeah. dry heat is better but it's just so hot. I don't like it when it's so humid that when you walk outside you are already sweating

Lol yup. Over here you immediaetly start feeling sticky and start to sweat. My sunglasses have fogged up a few times. The humidity makes it feel 5-10 degrees hotter than what it really is. And it's already too hot in Texas. I empathize with you.

Come to Scotland...our weather will make you appreciate any form of sun/heat 

Over here in New York, the weather is bipolar now, nice job you polluting pieces of shit

i would love to live someware cold tody was 106 for me nd its not getting much better for awhile. andto the cow guy why do you cows eat so much grass on my way to school (my school is in the middle of noware) everyday cows are eating all day long

Go to northern Canada. Yukon or Arctic

I think I'm the only person in the world who actually *likes* humid heat.

I'm in Canada so the hottest we get 25 ish and cause we always use the metric system

i just moderated this one too! hahaha

Hahaha, that's awesome bruh! Really! :D You have to be one of the coolest people I've EVER met, seriously.

well congratu-freaking-lations would you like a cookie

OMFG!!! You modded this? Are you serious right now? I am so excited for you that I have to take a moment and soak in all of your awesomeness and maybe just relax with all of this excitement. Give me a second to see if I can refrain from flying off the handle!! : : : : : : HOLY CRAP I'M STILL EXCITED!

Lol! Still laughing at 17's comment, particularly the ending. Good stuff!

That guy doesn't even understand the good things he brings to life. He moderated this FML!!! Lol, lame!

Aww, let him/her have their moment. They have accomplished a goal in their FML career.

Yah, a goal that anyone can achieve. Set your goals higher, malaka.

So does that mean they has to get first on 2/4 FML's posted? I think that raises the bar.

Oh ya, that'll definitely be raising the bar. He'd have to give up all sanity and constantly refresh the page for him to achieve that though.

Anti-flood gets you in the process too. =P I wouldn't be surprised if they have already done that though.

I'm so glad they even have an anti-flood. Could you imagine if these kids were actually given the freedom to post as much as they wanted, and as fast as they wanted with no limit? I think the 'I moderated this comment :DD' posts are more annoying than the constant '1st!!!!', 'secondddd!!111!1', or whatever posts are.

Hahah how funny :D

That would be hell! And I agree.

61 I'm gonna guess this number.... : EIGHTY-FORTH!!!!!

You Moderated it?!?! well I posted it!!! teehee . . . . . . . . . . . . . seriously it's fake guys I actually did post it

woah I just realized my guess was right! HELL YEAH xD

soooooooooooooo since nobody wanted the damn cookie can i hv it?

yeah u can 91 there so ungrateful D:

lol good job, everybody hates you now

ahhh nooo, I wanted the cookie :(

ha! my cookie. what kinda cookie is it?

Better safe then sorry.

wow u paranoid bitch

ha i wounder how you feel wen u found dat out