By creepster - 11/02/2010 01:39 - Canada

Today, I was hit on by an older man. I rolled my eyes at him and informed him I was 16, hoping that would get him to leave me alone. He shrugged and said, "We're both human." FML
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did I hear RAPE?!?!?!!??!!????!!!!

ewww. hate those creeps that won't leave you alone even though you say no.


did I hear RAPE?!?!?!!??!!????!!!!

that old man is awesome!

The old man's got a good point.

agree with 9. he has a good point. you pretty much have to fuck him now.

did he offer candy and puppies? if yes you should have taken him up in his offer.

He likes them young. Fresh meat. Mmm, tasty.

And then he pulled you into his arms and took you to his apartment, where you had passionate sex.

hey snickerdoodles finally got one of her fmls posted! congrats girl!

20 years is a lot...

ur ugly n a who. re go kill x puppy

People, she is of age in Canada. There's nothing against the law and he's technically not a pedophile.

My boyfriend is 34 and I'm 21. Not too bad :(

omg that is disgusting!

#95: It's fine now, it's later on that it gets annoying. After a while you start to see the generation gap. (I was 21 when I started dating my ex-fiance who was 37, at the time)

"today i was hit on by an older man. i must be pretty. but my hair looked horrible today! fml!!!"

Ask if his name is R Kelly? If not tell him go fuck himself lol.

and we Both know we want the same thang

powersnoke WTF? nice picyure

R.A.P.E. git your pee pee outta me

No she is not of age in Canada. It's 18. 16 you have to have parental consent.

haha weird

was he a bear?

ewww. hate those creeps that won't leave you alone even though you say no.

Ajjas013 6

Yell out loud, "No old man! I will NOT take my pants off!"

Roll Models reference FTW!

That actually made me laugh out loud. :)

OMG!!!! same happened 2 me!!!!!!!!!!

yea same has happened with the beach I was 17 at the moment, and he was a 70 year old guy with a speedo o.e;; ~shivers~

At least he didn't refer to you as a dog.

Wat the flipp is that picture! how could u b so cruel!!!!

He's lying. Pedos aren't human. They come from some corrupted planet or something. Like Uranus. Yeah, Uranus. Perfect name for a pedo planet.

now if we could just get NASA to agree to sending all Pedos to Uranus

Doing that would cause the Male:Female ratio on Earth to drop to about 1:7. I'm down with that.

More ladies for you, right?

Oh. My apologies.

wha? being attracted to a 16 year old is hardly being a pedo. creepy by societal standards, sure, but a 16 year old is almost completely developed physically, and definitely biologically capable of reproduction, which from a "survival of the species" standpoint would be a very attractive feature.

pedo alert

Wooddaver- Can you stop behaving like other animals and think like a Human. Humans don't have natural instincts like that. A person's brain is not fully developed at that age, so its a complete mismatch for someone that young to be with someone who is so much older. There are a lot of harms that come from a man or woman who dates/hooks up with someone who is so much younger. I can list a few if you'd like.

@wow18 Uhh, wow... are you slow or something?? If you think humans don't have natural instincts such as lust, you are sadly mistaken. Wooddaver is completely correct. This "omg pedo" thing is just something that has come about in the past few decades. If it weren't for teenagers reproducing, I can assure you that none of us would be here now. I'm sure all of us have ancestors that were popping out kids at 16. L2history.

Also, in Canada, 16 is the age of consent, so they ARE seen as adults there.

I wonder how much "older" is older. Im picturing a 17 year old.

OP said "I was 16". I was too, I'm a lot older now... But yeah.. FYL...

I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.

ahaha!! I hear you on that one.