By SBT1030 - 23/07/2009 11:45 - United States

Today, I was helping my sister by getting some old boxes down from her attic. Too bad I didn't realize the piece of plywood I was standing on doesn't extend all over the attic floor. Of course, I did realize it when I went through the ceiling onto the concrete floor of her garage. FML
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WTF kind of attic is that?


ROFL I belive this calls for an "ownd"

Seriously...THIS IS WHY YOU ALWAYS WALK ON THE STUDS. Haven't you ever seen Christmas Vacation? Moron.

At least Chevy Chase landed on a bed, and not the concrete floor of the garage roughly 6 feet below depending on how high the ceiling is in the garage. :| But seriously, he said he was walking on plywood, not the drywall between the beams. There's a difference. Apparently a piece of plywood was laid on top of the studs so that the attic was usable. So stop being an idiot. And OP: this truly completely sucks. >.< Just reading that made me cringe at the thought of that happening to me. FYL and I hope you're alright. :|

I call Bullshit. If that had actually happened, she'd be in the hospital. Also, could she have possible gone through at least 3 floors? Because people don't just have attics and garages, they have their actual living quarters in between.

they also make houses nowadays that are just one story...

Yes, because people really live above their Garage with two floors of living and one attic. A super house now?? Do we need an elevator to go from the attic down to the garage floor? Readb4speak.

so you only have an attic and a garage in your house? that must be pretty weird. I have a garage, a bottom floor, a top floor, and an attic. I'm not even rich.

seriously #42. people can post FMLs ANYTIME, not just the day it happened. hell, technically 90% of these are fakes because they say 'today' at the beginning. but that's just a rule. and my house is one story. the attic has 2 entrances. one over the hallway, and one over the garage. and the floor is just like this, you have to walk on the beams. to the OP, holy shit. this must have hurt like a bitch. OUCH. I hope you're okay.

Ummmm actually, my attic is ABOVE MY GARAGE, which is to the side of my living area. I guess the houses around your area aren't built that way. This is a completely likely story if the OP has a built-in garage that has an attic above it instead of above the living area. If you want proof, you can look it up, sooooo... READB4SPEAK??? Jk, I'm sure you just aren't used to houses with this kind of architecture :)

wait... what do you mean? sorry, i don't get it, lol. So the garage juts out from your house, and the attic is like... the floor above it? *goes to look it up*

no, garages are either on the side, or behind the house, and then there is an attic on top of it.

but we don't even know, a newbie could have designed the house, and the set up was weird and insecure meaning a cheaper price. or even the family, there are no rules in the architectural world saying you can't.

Ew, so you fell for your sister.

oh haha. You made a PUNny.

that sucks. FYL!

WTF kind of attic is that?

Must be a heavy or dumb person.. but FYL.. x2 if you didnt get it on video, probably would have won funniest videos.

That's not at all true. Some plywood isn't built to hold much weight, and it's certainly not made to stand on. Every male in my immediate family (dad and 2 brothers) has put his foot through the attic floor and the ceiling below it because of a wimpy piece of plywood. Some of it can be walked on if a stud is not available, but it's just not smart ever. Not that my family are a bunch of dummies ;]

OMG HAHAHAHHA. Funny FMLs today. I can just imagine how traumatized you were. One second you were in the attic, and the next you're in the garage... LMAAAAAAAAO HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

I also imagine it would've hurt...not that funny. Sorry, OP. :(

How did you fall from the attic to the garage? Did you crash through 3 floors?

that attic is probably on top of her garage and mine is like that too