By Nofun - / Saturday 29 August 2009 18:40 / United States
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  ericahlstedt  |  0

YDI FOR being boring

  enlitenbank  |  0

Before you call other people losers, learn to spell it. FYL OP. But I guess your mom meant like, she want to drink and let loose. Not having to behave responsible! :) My two cents.


btw, where are all of the people who usually comment "AT LEAST YOUR PARENTS SPEND TIME WITH YOU". where are they saying that to the OP's mother? AT LEAST YOUR KID ACTUALLY WANTS TO HANG OUT WITH YOU

  fawfulster  |  11

I agree 32. If my mom did that, I'd be pissed and would go either way. Children may be dicks with their relationships with parents, but when PARENTS are dicks with their children, that just proves that those jackholes don't even deserve to be called parents. Too bad OP couldn't choose a better mom and was forced to be born to a bitch.

  StingMunFizzy  |  0

WHAT THE FUCK? YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM, WOULD YOU RATHER THEM JUST LEAVE YOU ALL ALONE AND GO OFF WITH OUT THEM? NOT ONLY DOES THAT DESTROY THE KIDS LIFE, IT MAKES YOU A FUCKING HORRIBLE PARENT! IF YOU DIDN'T WANT THE KID, YOU SHOULDN'T OF HAD SEX! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. Ugh! That's really pathetic.. Oh I wanna have fun so I'm gonna leave my kid behind.. When my mom tried to go somewhere without me she couldn't, she came back and got me and brought me with her.. She actually cared about me.. Ugh, leave your kids behind? You may as well shoot them in the head and put the gun in your neighbors trash can.. That's not cool.. Not cool at all.

  Tigermom  |  0

Perhaps OP is just a real brat, and her mother deserves a break from the moodiness, sarcasm, and rudeness. Just a thought...or maybe her mother really is self-centered.


^^ your mom is a bitch

By  BLiNdZoRz  |  3

YDI for not being fun.

  AnaMaree  |  0

I agree. OP, you deserved it.

  surrey101  |  0

she shuda been lik ok go ahead but gimme lik 300 so i can hav fun whil u gon

By  v101384  |  0

So you are either boring or an asshole congratulations.

  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

More like she probably wants to go wild and have sex randomly and all.... but with her daughter around she can hardly do that without looking bad, so she pulls crap like that. People in all those other comments saying it's the OP's fault that her mom is a bitch are freaking morons.


#7 - What brings you to the conclusion that her mom is in her fifties? Chances are, OP is a teenager. I'm 17 and my mom is just 39. My grandma is 60, and my great-grandmother is 78. Some families breed a little early. :P

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