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Today, I was helping my friend create an online dating profile. When she got her search results, her #1 match was a blonde guy only 10 miles from her. His description: genuine, laid back, and ready for fun. He left off something kind of important. He's already married. To me. FML
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  DncrHap  |  9

it wasn't her fault, 49! it's not like she banged him. she and OP found out at the same time that her best match was the OP's hubby. the only one who betrayed was mr. husband.

  sports_chika  |  0

I think you and your husband have some things you need to talk about 7:-| but maybe his profile was from awhile ago and maybe he forgot to delete it, so it might not be his fault

  FFML_314  |  11

Your friend should ask him on a date and see if he accepts. If he does, she will go on this date "have a wonderful time" and at the end of the night she will take him back to a hotel room, get him naked, tie him to the bed, hire a tranny and shut the door behind you. ;P

  ladiesman14  |  0

thats what you get for not putting out. and only doing it in one position and not even enjoying that. and is it true that wedding cake cures nymphomania and causes obedity ? anyone ?


37 & 38 y'all need guns. Cuz if that shit happened w/ my hubby, sleepin n the street would b the least of his worries. & his well aware of the fate he would meet if he pulled a stunt like this. Fear is a great motivator for act right.


My comments are poofing again; apologies if this double-posts. -.-

I really doubt it's an old profile; aren't most of those services subscription-based? If he's paying monthly for it, then he's likely hiding money from the OP too. Find out if he is before you let on that you know, so he can't keep it back should you get divorced.

  stacers  |  0

Well I'm sure they're good friends for a reason. If they have a lot in common than it's not too much of a surprise that he came up as a top match.

  nabo4u  |  0

no. you create a profile and pay someone to go out with him. you put a mike on the woman and record everything that happens. you have her ask him questions to figure out his intentions- does he plan to leave you, is he looking for a fling? you then have your divorce attorney serve him his divorce papers. you'll be set.