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That must have shattered your shin... -.-

I'm cringing just reading this. Well at least you didn't hit your crotch. That would just about kill you. =/


Hahahaha "REALLY hard" That's what she said.

I've done that before except I smashed my finger on a nail

colton_colton 49

That hurts thinking about it

#1 sucks man I'm sorry op

uu dumb as shit uu deserve it

hahahahaha lol u idiot :)

Pay attention to what you're doing. YDI

OUCHHHH!!!! but you definately deserve it for not paying attention to what you're doing

I've done that smashing up a gazebo, I hit myself in the shin and the handle flew up, smacked me on the chin, then landed on my foot...

That must have shattered your shin... -.-

#1 does not suck anymore must have thought better about that first