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By  rainbow1223  |  4

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  Alymc13  |  0

#5 is the biggest fucking moron I ever seen. Yes, that kid must be a bad seed and need some serious help. But anyone who rationalized hitting a child is straight pussy. Hope u feel accomplished u fuck.


13- I don't care about the age, gender, religion, race, political affiliation, etc. of the person who just stabbed me in the face. I will be grabbing the nearest chair and HULKSMASH their head in. Or beat them wildly and crazily with my fist. Or take the pencil out of my face and plunge it into their own. IDGAF if that person is 7. They will be stricken in some fashion.

  riack  |  2

15 My dad beat me as a kid and I turned out normal. It was corporal punishment. Some kids nowadays needs to be beaten, or at least punished in some way as these kids nowadays don't give a flying f*** what they do since they know they won't be punished.

  Mforce  |  8

Calm your shits, chill your tits... It's a fucking joke, the only way you could've honestly not realized is because your sense of humor is straight pussy. Hope ya feel accomplished, assfuck.

  yummcookie  |  0

The mental image of someone grabbing a child by their feet, spinning them around and chucking them through a window (while the pencil is in their face) is absolutely hillarious!!