By rongo12
Today, I was heading to the bathroom when I clearly saw a little boy walking into my bedroom. My wife and I live alone, and I screamed at the top of my lungs, thinking he was a ghost. Turns out my wife collected him from school for a friend, and I just didn't hear them arrive. FML
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  SkoomaKi  |  27

I was referring to what it would be like at first glance. A random little boy in your house is quite scary. It's because they're so innocent yet so evil... I'm just glad if was a school child and not a ghost.

  ihasbrains  |  10

Either you edited your comment and took out the bit about 'the real question is whether he was just a ghost in Kid form' or whatever, or that comment got deleted and mine was a reply to the wrong one. Weird.

  SofiaFaolan  |  8

Is anyone else reminded of the other FML that also had to do with a small ghost child? The OP of that one went to the kitchen around midnight and clearly saw a small child walk into the kitchen but when he entered the room there was no one there, and he lives alone.

  kirrra  |  11

you're not wrong,I admit ghost kids are pretty scary. but I had honestly meant to reply to whoever asked "your wife collected him?"