By Tai - 31/10/2010 13:30 - Australia

Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend when I came. She got pissed and slapped me really hard for cumming inside her because she didnt want to get pregnant. 1. I was wearing a condom. 2. She's on the pill. 3. We were having anal sex. FML
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perdix 29

You're going to have shitty kids.

Paramorefan2 1

wow. that sucks. she's stupid.


Paramorefan2 1

wow. that sucks. she's stupid.

Epilepsy_fml 0

Yah, he needs to find a new butt buddy.

KiddNYC1O 20

What pill? Ecstacy? LOL

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dudeitsdanny 9

Don't you know there's a .0000067% chance of pregnancy that way?! She obviously doesn't like the .0000067% chance. That's too big a risk! Invest in female condoms and spermicide, too! Can't risk those odds! No, I agree with #1.. she's an idiot.

Tooday, I was bonned by my bf and he come in my butt so I will have a babby I mean wtf fml

talk about eggs I. the ass

KiddNYC1O 20

29- WTF? boned* and baby*

29 was trying to be clever and failed.

fakeaccountX 6

No, 29 simply meant "Tooday, my bf herd i liek forming babby so he accidentally in my base fml"

obviously I frgot that it was No Sarcasm / Mockig Day today.

Cone on guys, I was making fun of the bitch in the FML! Wasn't it obvious? Deadbeat asswipes.

Cone on guys, I was making fun of the bitch in the FML! Wasn't it obvious? Deadbeat asswipes.

Come* and fucking doubleposts.

Hahaha reading these comments make me laugh.

KiddNYC1O 20

By misspelling words?

noeryu 1

Do y'all not know where politicans come from?

112 Do politicians come from anal pregnancies?

what u can get pragnent from anal sex? LOL

#52...xkcd win!

coolboy6 0


she's an idiot just like #6

Firestar1202 0


lol 196 I was wondering the same thing!

doggone456 0

an accident????

You do realize how many zero are there

skizzars 2

1.) today 2.) boned 3.) came 4.) baby ;) your welcome

@300: "You're". OT: I'd reconsider the girl's status as your girlfriend. Unless she was confused from having an anal orgasm ;)

alexa414 0

yes shirlock you can

no your not. i was thinking the same thing

You fail. Simple as that. And if you're going to attempt to insult someone else, make sure you can actually spell first.


He's stupid for using a condom for anal

Sj100511 - Bacteria/germs etc

Doesn't matter, had sex?!

Doesn't matter, had sex??

Petawhitney 2

Ydi for having a stupid girlfriend. Dump her and find someone with an IQ higher than, say, 3.

breenarae25 0


My guess is that this FML was made up by a bored high-schoolkid. Come on, you can't be that stupid. Can you?

Curse2TheMax 1


Actually, some people can be that stupid. I know a few:(

Actually, the lowest IQ is 80 :P

phreshboi 1

yeah and his girlfriend didn't/did pass the stupidity test/IQ

Actually, 167, you're not even close. I'm not sure WHERE you got the notion that 80 is the lowest IQ, but that makes absolutely no sense. You'd be correct to say that around 75% of IQs fall between 80 and 120, but 80 is NOT the absolute lowest score. In fact, IQs of less than 70 are considered to indicate mental retardation, with 50-70 indicating mild mental retardation, 35-50 as moderate, 20-35 as severe, and less than 20 as profound mental retardation. You might want to think before you write things...

tanner11111 0

bitch got owned

Billzzz 0

Get slappped by Dr.Imsmartandknoweverythingaboutdumbfucks.

you'd be surprised at how dumb people can they have no common sense

billz made me lol

#220 that's fucking hilarious!! I almost died laughing!!! hahaha! nobody correct me and say "you can't die laughing."

249 you can't die laughing.

you mean negative 103

ifailplzinsultme 0

243- If you died laughing, then you're posting from hell?

katelynn_816 0


Haha, quality effort

h2opoloplaya 0

does she enjoy a good pair of pants?

probably not the poo would ruin them

perdix 29

You're going to have shitty kids.

WallyTheWombat 0


KiddNYC1O 20

Bottoms up, Perdix! lol I like what I did there.

Looks like she's -puts on glasses- the butt of the joke.

Or that she got -puts on sunglasses- shitty sex ed. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHH

HamsteronA 0

These jokes made my day.

hahaha made my fucking day !

Draminicaus 0

....That girl is the shit.

hawty12345 0

91- you fail so, so hard.

bahahahhahaa im the OP and this is worth replying to hahahaha win.

lew0019 0


he is all fails

OP your girlfriend sounds like an ass

Perdix strikes again.

254 so did your dads condom.

randiZ25 0

The color of ones' hair has nothing in common with their IQ.. I'm blonde have a 3.5 GPA in college with a biology degree.. immaturity would more thank likely be the culprit, not her hair color

Fortuitous 0

#51, I think #13 was just asking if she has ass hair.

your a hot blonde

nope it's the hair color, if u were really smart u'd have a 4.0.

if you really think hair color makes people stupid your an idiot...

Fortuitous 0

*You're You won't like it when I put the mirror to your face.

79 just got her -puts on sunglasses- ass handed to her. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH

haha wow you really think I care what that dumbass says???

Fortuitous 0

#96, you have no right to call anyone "dumbass". Excuse me, I'm on the phone with your elementary school English teacher.

sourgirl101 28

74 made me laugh!

christinebaby 0

51 and 79 need to get laid I'm blonde and I laughed!!!

Ha you live in ''the nederlands'' ?

Ha you live in ''the nederlands'' ?

7lollypop7 0

what does that have to do with blonde hair? xD

I think, 96, that maybe you should go back to the kitchen where you belong and start making some sandwiches. I'm not sexist but, a girl like you shouldn't be on the Internet.

OrientlSoldr 0

#79, that's exactly what a blond would say. lol

ALindsey 0

Says the blonde girl... o.O

way to get offended ppl

MaximilianMarche 0

yeah but the fact she is blonde just adds to her stupidity since the stereotype is there. also why the butt sex? I never tried and don't really see why someone would

MaximilianMarche 0

yeah but the fact she is blonde just adds to her stupidity since the stereotype is there. also why the butt sex? I never tried and don't really see why someone would

#13 obviously meant it as a joke. move on. jeez.

#206 google it if you're curious enough.

randiZ25 0

true true.. but I consider my 3.5 passable enough for getting my degree

meganpaige 0


I got creative to my response to any ex's that even thought to ask me for anal. Sure I'll try it...IF I do you first with a strap on, if you like it then we can try it! But mines just as small & virginized as theirs! That usually grossed them out to shut the f**k up!

sutianneli 13

U r too stupid to take a joke

3.5 is not that good to prove that you are smart...

Mabey it was her first time?

Anal is tough for a first time... I highly doubt she's a virgin. So she's just stupid.

dudeitsdanny 9

There's always those "I'm still a virgin if it's in the ass" people. I was gonna say the "can't get pregnant from anal" people, but she's clearly not one.

she's just looking for a way to slap you hahaha

dorieps 0

was she drunk