By Tai - Australia
  Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend when I came. She got pissed and slapped me really hard for cumming inside her because she didnt want to get pregnant. 1. I was wearing a condom. 2. She's on the pill. 3. We were having anal sex. FML
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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Don't you know there's a .0000067% chance of pregnancy that way?! She obviously doesn't like the .0000067% chance. That's too big a risk! Invest in female condoms and spermicide, too! Can't risk those odds!

No, I agree with #1.. she's an idiot.

  DEXter501  |  0

Actually, 167, you're not even close. I'm not sure WHERE you got the notion that 80 is the lowest IQ, but that makes absolutely no sense. You'd be correct to say that around 75% of IQs fall between 80 and 120, but 80 is NOT the absolute lowest score. In fact, IQs of less than 70 are considered to indicate mental retardation, with 50-70 indicating mild mental retardation, 35-50 as moderate, 20-35 as severe, and less than 20 as profound mental retardation. You might want to think before you write things...

  randiZ25  |  0

The color of ones' hair has nothing in common with their IQ.. I'm blonde have a 3.5 GPA in college with a biology degree.. immaturity would more thank likely be the culprit, not her hair color

  ComMed1  |  0

I think, 96, that maybe you should go back to the kitchen where you belong and start making some sandwiches. I'm not sexist but, a girl like you shouldn't be on the Internet.

  crzygirl1980  |  7

I got creative to my response to any ex's that even thought to ask me for anal. Sure I'll try it...IF I do you first with a strap on, if you like it then we can try it! But mines just as small & virginized as theirs! That usually grossed them out to shut the f**k up!