By snotface - 23/04/2009 19:47 - United States

Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend. She started panting harder and going, "AH, AH, AH..." and I thought she was about to come. Next thing I know, there's snot splattered all over my face and neck. Turns out it was a sneeze. FML
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Probably the best feeling she got all night...

Pull out and spray a bodily fluid all over her face and neck, you're even.


NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY I'M FIRST :D ps. that's icky.

Second is the best! =P And that seriously made me lol.

second is sooo not best :] if there was a trophy, mine would totally be bigger :] lol

Probably the best feeling she got all night...

thats nasty im sorry

I'm sorry but that made me LOL. Wow, srsly #4?

woahh u look like me o.o

you all look the same

If you can't tell the difference between having to sneeze and being close to orgasm, YDI.