By Nicki - / Wednesday 21 December 2011 12:30 / Canada
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  rahavan  |  15

Yep, that's right, however I just took and SAT so I'm burned out from all of the work I had to studying for it. What I am saying is if I make a mistake it's because I am not on my A game. But yes OP YDI your butchering the English language!

  rahavan  |  15

Yes it is incorrect a better way to state it would be: "Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, I said something grammatically wrong. He in turn decided to correct me. FML" This is one of the many possible rewrites for this FML. The problem with grammar is there is no correct answer. You can write a good sentence but it can always be improved upon. So don't feel bad if a grammar nazi gets on your case this is, after all, one of the hardest subjects to master.

  desireev  |  17

Actually it would be
#1; "He, in turn, decided to correct me."

#2; "The problem with grammar is THAT there ISN'T a correct answer."

#3; "You can write a good sentence, but it can always be improved on."

#4; "So, don't feel bad if a Grammar Nazi gets on your case. This is, after all, one of the hardest subjects to master."
-There were 2 mistakes in #4. I thought I'd let you know where your mistakes were in your comment.

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